Five Years Ago Today

Standing right here:

I decided to write a book.

Thanks, JK Rowling. I owe you.


  1. We owe her, too.

  2. This post really *got* me and I'm suddenly struck with an overwhelming feeling. I think I'm at person right now, standing in front of the dryer (not literally the dryer...). But I think I'm a very still lost person. Do you remember being so confused and tangled in the beginning? Like you wanted to say "how do I do this?". Because that is how I feel right now. How do I start from point A and translate this into something more...
    I'd love to know how many stories/completed novels you had prior to finding Timepiece in you. I'd love to know how someone like me with absolutely no money for workshops or valuable learning/connection experiences can do this? (these are not excuses but rather a reality of working within my means)...did you ever have to ask someone "How do I do this?" (like really do it, seriously, really make it reality). How to take that very step and beyond to make the story something more?

    I guess I'm a woman standing in front of the dryer and genuinely tangled in stories but nothing more and not sure how to go from *here*.
    Your accomplishments and hard work are awe-inspiring.

  3. And thank you, Myra! The world is a better place now that your books are in it.

  4. Well, i guess something good does come from doing your laundry! That is such an amazing 'share' - and it is just one more inspiration to your "You Can Do It!" message that still echoes in my stressed-out mind...

    Loved your work before UtopYA Con 2012...now, am a HUGE fan of the lady behind the words!

    Sending big hugs!
    Jamie, from Nashville

  5. How awesome to think of all you've done since then. Go you!

  6. ...And we are so glad that you did! <3


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