Updated Timepiece Giveaway Spectacular!


I'm so excited that TIMEPIECE is finally out in the world, and I'm so happy that many of you are enjoying it!

To celebrate, I'm giving away three prize packs!

Prize Pack #1:

A signed hard cover of both HOURGLASS and TIMEPIECE, and a signed poster of each cover.

Milo doesn't want to part with this one.

Prize Pack #2:

A signed copy of TIMEPIECE and goodies representing some of our favorite characters! Espresso candy for Em, Mint tea for Lily, Mexican hot chocolate and Hot Tamales for Kaleb, dark chocolate for Michael, Jammie Dodgers for Doctor Who, and more! (Note: The Jack Daniels whiskey praline pecans have been removed from this giveaway. Because I didn't read the box. And they're illegal for most of my readers.)

Prize Pack #3:

A signed copy of TIMEPIECE, and signed books and swag from some of my favorite people, including Rachel Hawkins, Beth Revis, Christina Diaz Gonzales, Jodi Meadows, Stephanie Perkins, Chantel Acevedo and more!

Fill out the form below to enter! You can earn extra entries by:

+1 - Reviewing TIMEPIECE on Amazon
+1 - Reviewing TIMEPIECE on Barnes and Noble
+1 - Friending me at Young Adult Books Central

UPDATE: I am extending the contest until JULY 5th to give people time to read TIMEPIECE since reviewing provides extra entries. On this note, please, please, please do not review the book if you haven't actually read it. It's not fair to the people who've taken the time to do so, and who've written thoughtful reviews, regardless of star rating. 

If it's obvious the book hasn't been read, the review won't count toward an entry. Thank you. 

I WILL be giving away two #1 Prize Packs. 


You earn an entry just by filling out your name and email - the reviews/friending earn extra! Click here to friend me on YABC. 

Due to the massive cost of shipping all those prizes, I will mail them only to a United States or Canadian address. I'm planning an international giveaway with Young Adult Books Central for later in the summer.

Contest ends at noon, June 25th, at which time I will post the winners on this blog and then disappear into my drafting cave to finish writing INFINITYGLASS!

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    1. Dude. I can totally hook you up with Jammie Dodgers. Of all assorted types and flavors.

    2. Seriously??? OMG I think it's time for a care package from KP from London. ;-)

  2. Awesome contest, Myra!!! I'm way behind though on reading. Hourglass is waiting for me on my Kindle, it's next on my TBR list! :)

  3. Loved this one as well> Check out my "book talk" on my blog at http://mrslightreads.blogspot.com/2012/06/timepiece-by-myra-mcentire-hourglass.html

  4. YAY! I hope I win one. Thanks :)

  5. hope i win 2
    x shelly

  6. Wow AMAZING contest REALLY REALLY hope I win!!!

  7. i almost cried because i live in the UK but i am a MASSIVE fan!!!!!! :) Halfway through Timepiece, going to do a review on my blog. I have just seen on goodreads that Infinityglass is due out in 2013 and i actually squeeled with delight that there is another book and called this! I have just started to learned about this in 'Timepiece', i'm hooked!!! Sorry had to send some love xx

  8. How fun! Just like your books. I'm halfway through Timepiece and it's smokin' hot!

  9. Ack! The Authors page at YABC is under maintenance...am I looking in the wrong place?

    1. Sophia - You can friend Myra in the YABC Community. Here's her profile: http://www.yabookscentral.com/community/my-profile/84-myra-mcentire

  10. Wow what a great contest! I hope I win! :)

  11. For my Amazon link, if my link in the Rafflecopter doesn't work, please use this one: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2IJJG8HVSIEU

    Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway :)

  12. Myra McEntire did it again. I loved Timepiece just as much as Hourglass. This time the story was told from Kaleb's point of view, and before I read the book, I was unhappy about that. I tend to like female POVs more, and I was already used to Emerson's voice. But Myra did a fabulous job of making Kaleb an interesting and believable voice.

  13. Jenna #1 Fan of Hourglass8/06/2012 04:05:00 PM

    I ♥ Hourglass. Want 2 read Timepiece ^ u ^


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