Book News!

I have been WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING to share book news!

I've become quite the expert at dodging book three questions. Mostly because ... I only sold TWO books to Egmont back in December of 2009.

I've always had a vision for where I want the Hourglass story to go, and it's never been contained to two books. There might be as many books as there are characters, because they all have something to say (some of them have LOTS to say), and they all have their own stories, but we'll have to wait and see how my brain works that out. ;)

Here's a link to the official announcement about book three, INFINITYGLASS! 

I can't tell you anything else, except it should be out next summer, and there won't be Advance Reader Copies. I'm going to keep details quiet as long as I can. It was so hard not to share that TIMEPIECE was from Kaleb's point of view, but I truly loved the reactions when the news got out! I hope everyone enjoys where I'm going with the Hourglass world, and thank you so much for your enthusiasm for HOURGLASS and TIMEPIECE.

Once again, readers made a difference for me, and you'll never EVER know how much I appreciate you.


  1. I can see the cover now: A blond girl spins in a circle next to a door! JK I am so happy for you!

  2. Myra, that is FANTASTIC news!! I love your books and cannot wait to read a third. :D

  3. Oh I love book news ^_^. Congratulations! I love the title and I can't wait to see the cover :). I am heading to BEA so hopefully I'll get to see you.

  4. YAY! Congratulations! *Kermit Happy Dance*

  5. Yay!!! That is awesome!! I am so excited for book three now too!

  6. That's such great news. I just finished re-reading Hourglass (love Emerson soooo much) and am starting Timepiece. I'm so excited there will be more stories coming out of these amazing characters.

  7. Yay!!!! Can't wait!


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