Quick and Dirty Hourglass Recap

Hello friends!

A lot of you downloaded TIMEPIECE today from NetGalley*, and I had a couple of requests for a recap of Hourglass.

The fansite has a plethora of information, and that general link is here. 

To refresh yourself on characters, go here. 

To refresh yourself on places, go here.

To refresh yourself on terminology, go here. 

To refresh your parched throat, go here. 

Now begins the spoilery portion of our program.

At the end of Hourglass, Emerson learns that Jonathan Landers manipulated her life so that he could use her ability to travel back in time.

In doing so, he damaged the timeline/space time continuum so badly that ripples (people who bleed through time) evolve into time slips (entire scenes that bleed through time).

Emerson and Michael solidify themselves as a couple.

Emerson and Michael have saved Liam Ballard, Kaleb's father, but Kaleb's mother, Grace, is still in a coma (thanks to Jonathan Landers).

Landers and his surprise accomplice have escaped, along with information about other people who might have the time-related gene.

If I've missed anything, please let me know in the comments and I'll update!

Thank YOU!

*And apparently some have already downloaded it illegally ... REALLY?


  1. Aww! Illegally! That is a shame!

  2. Haha! I love the picture! :D

  3. thnaks for the re-cap and I love the picture!

  4. The picture! The beard! I die.

  5. I absolutely love that Edward *clears throat*-- I mean, Rob took your book surfing with him. He has excellent taste. Thank you for the recap!


    (*grabby hands* for Timepiece)


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