A Chat with Sophie from the Hex Hall Series

The spectacular Rachel Hawkins is a dear friend and an amazing author. If you haven't read her books - HEX HALL, DEMONGLASS, and SPELL BOUND - YOU SHOULD DO THAT. 

My Emerson (HOURGLASS) and Rachel's Sophie are super tight. They met when they briefly attended the same boarding school in Arizona. Brief, because Sophie made her math teacher forget a test...and several years of his life. I've managed to get my hands on a portion of a chat between the two, and to celebrate the release of SPELL BOUND (TODAY!), I thought I might share it with you. 

We pick up with Sophie sharing her feelings about her creator ...



Em: How do you feel about her? Rachel?

Sophie: Oh, man, where to start! Sometimes, she can be pretty kick-ass. I've gotten to kiss hot boys, wear gorgeous dresses.... and then sometimes she blows up all my stuff.

So that's, you know, LESS GOOD.

Em: What about the whole ... um ... betrothed thing?

Sophie: sighs That's a super-complicated situation right now. Mostly because I'm not sure whether my betrothed is alive or dead. You can see where that puts a bit of a crimp in wedding plans.

Em: Archer is also crimp-ish.

Sophie: He is the Mega Crimp. Speaking of Crimps, how are your dudes doing?

Em: "My" dudes? I only have a dude. And then a dude who wishes he was my dude. He's mostly just confusing. As is this response.

Sophie: I hear you. Everyone thinks, "Ooh, two hot guys like you! AWESOME!" It is NOT AWESOME, is it, Em?
Also, don't know about you, but my diamond shoes are too tight. ;-)

Em: No, Soph, it is not.

Sophie: (That's just a thing you say when you're bitching about stuff that sounds great.)

Em: OOOOOOH. I like problems like diamond shoes. They'd make AWESOME weapons ...

Sophie: I can make you some diamond shoes if you want. You know, with magic and stuff. Maybe next slumber party?

Em: I heard about this girl named Harper who actually killed someone with a shoe.**

Sophie: OMG I SAW THAT, TOO! That girl must be craaaaaazy! We should make her our friend.

Em: Better than our enemy.

Speaking of enemies .....

Sophie: We have enough of those...

Em: What category do you put Archer in. For real.

Sophie: Um...I don't know. My Sometimes Boyfriend/Sometimes Nemesis? My Boyfremesis?

Em: Boyfremesis = things to put on a t-shirt.

Speaking of t-shirts, I just got this super cool one. It has a TARDIS on it. I'm kind of like the TARDIS. Bigger on the inside. How do YOU feel about time travel? 

Sophie: I think time travel seems super bad-ass, if totally scary. It's definitely something MAGIC can't do.

Em: But Matt Smith's hair is magic. Am I right?

Sophie: SO MAGIC.   

Em: I have a real serious question.

Sophie: I hopefully have a real serious answer!

Em: Dates. How is it we never actually get to go on dates? We're always ... fighting bad guys ... or ... in detention ... with our fellas.

Sophie: I don't know! It's a total bummer though, right? I SO want a boy to, like, take me to Applebees. In his mom's minivan.

I mean, making out while things blow up is fun and all, but I'd just like ONE NORMAL DATE.

Em: I know, right? I'd like to go somewhere with NO electricity. Maybe smack in the middle of a national forest.

Sophie: That sounds hot. And wood-y.

Em: Because seriously, it's ESPECIALLY difficult to make out when a) your big brother is always around and b) you smoke the toaster on a regular basis. Just from holding hands.

Sophie: Oh, man, I hadn't even THOUGHT about that. This is where being an only child with semi-absent parents isn't so bad. Seriously, boarding school. Look into it. Preferably one that isn't evil and on a island though (I'm just sayin.')

Em: As long as it's Southern. And near Michael. Are you a Southerner at heart? I know you moved around.

Sophie: My mom's family is from Tennessee, so I guess I'm kind of a Southerner by birth. And I certainly like some of your foods! Sweet tea is the nectar of the GODS. But your humidity can suck it SO HARD.

Em: UGH. Humidity. My hair currently resembles cotton candy. Except for the pink part. I'll leave that to your BFF Jenna.


Sophie: REPRESENT! :)

Em: My BFF Lily claims that vampires are overdone. But I think she's talking about fiction.

Sophie: My BFF Jenna would beg to differ, haha!

Em: I mention this because I'm trying to figure out if they get to come to the next slumber party.

Sophie: Although weirdly, I don't know many vamps. Only 3, I guess. They're kind of secretive. Oh, you'd want Jenna there for SURE. Girl can braid hair like nobody's business. You're not squeamish about blood though, are you? Because her midnight snacks can be a little...alarming.

Em: As long as she doesn't try to touch my apple empanadas, we're fine.

Sophie: HAHA! And no worries, ALL your empanadas are safe. ;-) Also, now I want empandas.
I spelled that wrong.

Em: I'm not eating a panda. I'm just saying. Endangered species and all that.

Sophie: Ewwwwww!

Em: Which of our four men ... and I use that term loosely ... would be most likely to organize a panty raid during said slumber party?

Sophie: Oh, Kaleb. Kaleb FOR SURE. Archer would definitely help, though.

Em: I mean, it was kind of a dumb question, wasn't it? Michael and Cal would be debating the moral dilemas in a corner.
And Kaleb and Archer would be wearing our bras on their heads.

Sophie: They SO would be.

Em: If you had to choose between my two ... admirers ... which would you pick? #curiosity

Sophie: Girl, that is a HARD CHOICE. Michael is the SWEETEST. And...look, we're friends and you KNOW I have my own complicated love life, so I can, uh, be honest, right?

Em: Yes.

Sophie: Well, let's just say I may have those pics you sent of Michael permanently saved on my phone. Because DAMN.

Em: You know I only love him for his pouty lips, right?

Sophie: WHO WOULDN'T! But then there's something about Kaleb that reminds me of Archer. Mostly the snarky, effed up parts of Archer.

Em: I think you'd give Kaleb a solid run for his money. And maybe his pants.

Sophie: HEE! Pants. Kaleb is in no way ready for this jelly.

Em: Was that inappropriate? You know how I am.

Sophie: Girl. My foot and mouth are going to need to get MARRIED, they spent so much time together.

Em: Awwww. Make me a bridesmaid!

Sophie: Okay, shoe on other foot now. If YOU had to pick between Archer and Cal, who would YOU choose?
Em: Cal.

I mean ..... um ...... probably Cal.
Not because of the flannel. Because of the honorable, sacrificial thing. That works for me, on a lot of levels.

Sophie: Whatever. I know you! You have SUCH a thing for the flannel! And the nice fitting jeans.


Sophie: Friends don't notice that kind of stuff about each other and me and Cal are FRIENDS. Friendly friends.

Em: You haven't noticed his HANDS either, have you? How CAPABLE THEY ARE.


Em: I love you, Sophie.

Sophie: Right back atcha, babe. 

NOW. Go get you some SPELL BOUND! OUT TODAY!

**The main character from Rachel's upcoming REBEL BELLE series. 


  1. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. Thank you for this- it was exactly what my crappy day needed.

  2. I can't. Why are you and Rachel so awesome?! I was cracking up during a very serious Game of Thrones moment. I couldn't help it! Sophie and Em need to hang out again soon. Please!? :)

    Much, much love to you and Rachel. This made my day and my friend's day. It is just too perfect.

  3. Love. Love. Love this! Oh my god, I was laughing so hard throughout the conversation. I finished SPELL BOUND and OMG I just want to TALK about it! I loved it so much and yet I was devastated when it ended because I don't want to let them go. I'm going to miss my Hex Hall friends. :( Glad there is stuff like this to keep it going!

    Also, I'm with Em about Cal but Soph's choice of Kaleb is pretty spot on too!

  4. Okay. Okay. I can't even take this, it's TOO FUNNY! Hahahaha!

    ~Mag @ Geek Chic

  5. Ha! This is such a clever character conversation. I am really looking forward to reading Spell Bound. Thanks for posting this! It really brightened my day.

  6. The four of you are far too cute!

  7. Oh my goodness I laughed so hard I cried. Who else thinks that the sleepover panty raid would make a great short story? I can totally picture Michael beating up Kaleb for messing with his girls undies not that Emerson can't take care of herself of course. And then Sophie beating up Archer for making one of his usual dirty comments. And Cal just blushing. Wait does he blush?

  8. That was amazing, I have had those conversations in my life. LOVE IT. Going to pick up SpellBound today! I loved Hourglass, so I can't wait to start on a new great book. LOVE!

  9. This was hilarious. And if you two DON'T put out a "Boyfriend + nemesis= Boyfremesis" shirt, I will be sorely disappointed. Just sayin'


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