YA Sisterhood HEROINE Tourney!

You might remember earlier this year, when Kaleb and Michael were both nominated for the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney. (Remember this deleted scene, and this one?)

WELL. Now my sweet Emerson has been nominated for the YA Sisterhood Heroine Tourney. Her tournament starts at 12:01 AM on December 5th and runs for 24 hours.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE! Thank you so much if you take the time to do so! Everyone involved works so, so hard to make these tournaments go off without a hitch, and I appreciate everyone who supports them!

Em's psyched, Michael's supportive, and Kaleb wants to know how many other hot chicks are in the running. As much as I'd like to introduce Kaleb to Katsa, Em's competitor, I am pretty sure Katsa would do her thing and kill him with her bare hands within fifteen seconds. Maybe less. And I kind of need him.

Obviously, Katsa is a bad ass, but Em's a tough cookie herself. AND IF SHE WINS the first round, I will provide a never before seen deleted scene from HOURGLASS.


If she wins round two, I will share a brand new KISSY scene.

If she goes beyond that, I will give away A TIMEPIECE ARC. (And if by some miraculous happening she were to win the whole thing, I'd give away an ANNOTATED HOURGLASS and an ANNOTATED TIMEPIECE. And KALEB. I keep him in my closet.)

Em's advocate, Amanda at Booklove 101, has been doing a TREMENDOUS job spreading the word. She made this amazing fan trailer:

And she has tons of support buttons on her site:


And if you aren't already following Amanda's blog, you can find it here, and you can find her here on Twitter. 


  1. I got my vote for Emerson in! I hope she does well today!

  2. Wow Myra, such great incentives!!!! Not much I wouldn't do for an ARC of Timepiece!!! Oh yeah, and Kaleb!!!

  3. I voted earlier, but great incentives! I'll spread the word.

  4. I just voted! (They need to give us a sticker for that) And really, can I have Kaleb? I'll take awesome care of him. (I may have to hide him in the basement because I don't think my dad will take kindly to a new guy in the house, but whatever. He'll be spoiled rotten, I swear.)

  5. Definitely voted for Emerson! Not only would I love to go hang out and have a Sprite with her, but just overall, Hourglass was a MUCH better book than Graceling. I pretty much wanted to punch Katsa in the face during most of Graceling, and that's never good. Yeah, I'll take the Sprite with Emerson instead.

  6. WOW, those are some strong incentives!

    Oooh, can I have Kaleb? I'll take good care of him, honest! I'll even build a pool in my backyard! And this is Texas, so it's pretty much always swim-time here - he'd love it! (Okay, not right now, but just give it until March, and we'll be dandy!) :P

  7. added the button to my page! So excited :) on my way to voteeee <3


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