New Look and Inspiration

THANK YOU, Jodi Meadows, for my beautiful new banner featuring both Hourglass and Timepiece! I feel fancy - I've written two books. TWO! I like to point this out to The Husband as frequently as possible, and remind him that when I started writing he asked me if my new "hobby" was going to end up abandoned like all the projects in my craft closet.


I'm working on a short story for an anthology, and it's giving me fits. FITS I TELL YOU. I know what I want it to be, but I can't get it there. When this happens, as it does, I tend to go on searches for inspiration. I found a few. One has been tucked away in my iTunes collection for a while. Here it is:

I sent it to Jodi, and I think I scared her. Then I told her I heard it on Regis and Kelly (or Good Morning America), and maybe scared her some more.

Click here to see another inspiration, and here to see one more.

The story is based on a college relationship, sort of, and is one of those things I'm afraid someone will recognize someday. The good news is, I didn't kill anyone, and I didn't end up in an abandoned insane asylum spinning around in my unders.

SEE? There's always an upside.

The bad news is, I can't promise things will work out so well for my characters.

*evil author grin*


  1. Awesome song. Seriously. Is it weird that I love it? Is it weird that I already had it in my iTunes, and I didn't hear it on Regis & Kelly or GMA?

    Good luck on your short story--and heck yeah for the "hobby" that produced two books :) (Can't wait to read Timepiece!)

  2. Keep that craft closet door closed!! Love that the short story is college inspired. And I adore the new banner.

  3. Love the new look! I often struggle more with short stories than long ones. Every word has to count. Good luck with it :)

  4. What is it about boys and our 'hobbies'? My DH says the same thing! Granted I do not have a published book...yet (wink, wink) but by GAWD I will one day. So there. I have spoken. But until then I am sure the DH will continue to roll his eyes and shake his head incredulously as I spend my weekends locked away on my laptop. =^)

    Congrats on the new banner too!! LOVE the cover for Timepiece and cannot WAIT for some teasers. *dropping subtle hint*


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