Fun Newsy Things!

MTV's Hollywood Crush reviewed HOURGLASS! It was super cool and surreal and they called HOURGLASS "Doctor Who in a YA Package". Did I totally geek out over that? You bet your sweet bippy I did. Here's a link!

Also, Publisher's Weekly gave the Ash2Nash tour some spectacular coverage. Here's a link!

Thanks to the lovely Ruta Sepetys I have a picture from the Ash2Nash Brentwood Barnes and Noble Tour stop! (My pictures are still on my camera. My dead camera.) Here's a pic!

L to R: Beth Revis, Ruta Sepetys, Julie Kagawa, Myra McEntire,
Victoria Schwab, Rachel Hawkins (Pic courtesy Ruta's husband!)


  1. "Dr. Who in a YA package." Praise doesn't get any higher than that. Congrats. Whoo-hoo! (Who-woo?)

  2. Wow, Myra! Congrats on the MTV Hollywood Crush review! Awesome! And the tour sounds amazing. So happy for you!

  3. Wow, super.
    Cant wait to read it in Dutch ;)

  4. Love the review and it looks like you ladies had a blast! :)

  5. Wahoo! MTV coverage and Ash2Nash---what a great month, lady!

  6. Are you going to be coming to Utah? I would love to come see you and get my book signed. I loved your book and can't wait for more.


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