YA Crush Tourney

The fabulous ladies over at the YA Sisterhood are hosting a YA Crush Tourney. 

Like, a real tournament. With heats and seeds and ... tournaments sound like gardening in Nashville. I do not understand them. I even asked a couple of people to explain them. Everyone tried. Everyone failed.

ALL I KNOW is, it must take an immense amount of work to run this tournament, and it's a lot of fun. I've heard the battles can get intense.

Michael is up today, and Kaleb will be up Friday. I tell you this BECAUSE:

If Michael wins, I will post a deleted kissing scene from HOURGLASS. (Vote here!)

If Kaleb wins, I'll rewrite a scene from HOURGLASS from his point of view, and I'll let y'all fight about which one.


  1. omg omg omg KALEB MUST WIN :)

    *scurries off to vote*

    *or... whatever we do to increase his standings*

  2. I voted for your character. I just have to say that I really, really loved your book. I practically devoured in about two and a half days. I liked how you opted for a numerous amount of chapters but balanced it out by making them very short. I prefer reading short chapters as it keeps my interest better than longer chapters that don't end on cliffhangers like yours did. Wow, that's a lot of talk about just chapters. lol. Anyway, fabulous first novel. If Emerson has the "travel gene" you most assuredly have the "writing gene". (I just wish I had the "spelling gene" but thank goodness for google chrome's built in spellchecker!)


    ~Ami E. Bowen


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