Checking In

I finally turned in my sequel. I'm now awaiting my editor's response, fighting with the 600 unanswered emails in my inbox, trying to let my carpal tunnel resolve itself, and plotting some fun giveaways to celebrate the HOURGLASS release!

Someday soon I'm going to write a post about how writing the sequel almost killed me (I'm so serious), and hopefully get back on a regular blogging schedule.

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  1. OMG! My book's coming in the mail next month!!! I love the lolz kitteh. My cat used to do that when she was little; now her butt's too big. Will be hanging out here for a little longer. :)

  2. Dude! It's less than two weeks away! Hooray!! Congrats on finishing the sequel. I'm glad it didn't kill you :)

  3. Good news that you've finished a second book. WOW! Rest those hands and arms. I am sooo looking forward to reading Hourglass. Good luck on the launch.

  4. Myra, you have no idea how encouraging it was just now to hear you have carpal tunnel too. I'm sorry you DO, obviously, but I've been in a decent amount of pain when I go near a computer mouse the past few days, which is discouraging on a writing level (Can't type that much!). And to hear you have it, yet have just finished your second book...you're just awesome. Seriously. I'm obsessed with Hourglass (and Michael) right now, and you are probably the biggest reason I believe I may be able to write a book one day. You taught me that 3-dimensional characters are still a reality in today's YA collection (:


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