Past, Present, Future: Focus on the Future with Across the Universe

I love me some Beth Revis. You want a beautifully written, fast moving story with intrigue and romance? And to beat it all ... one that occurs IN SPACE? Read Beth's New York Times Bestselling ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

Like so many of my writerly friends, I "met" Beth online, first through her blog, and then through The Twitter. And then, AND THEN, I was lucky enough to meet her for real this winter in Branson (and I ALSO met Saundra Mitchell, otherwise known as the "Past" portion of our program).

I love both of these ladies. I love their books. I love that they were kind enough to include me in this amazing week of giveaways. Today, the focus is on the:

Seventeen-year-old Amy joins her parents as frozen cargo aboard the vast spaceship Godspeed and expects to awaken on a new planet, three hundred years in the future ... 

I'm about to be SUPER LAME.

But I asked Beth if I could be, and she said it was fine. I suspect it was only because I promised I would email her some Doctor WhoCRACK in the morning, so when I'm all done here, I have to go scare up some pics of David Tennant. (This is why we're friends. Because that means Matt Smith is all mine. Well, once I rip him out of Rachel Hawkins vise-like grip.)

I'm supposed to tell you what I am looking forward to in the Future.

I'm pretty sure the intended purpose was to say things like, "Cars that fly or run on rails or dinner at the touch of a button or houses that babysit children or cats genetically trained to clean bathrooms."

But the only future I can focus on?

Is the day I turn in the draft of the sequel to HOURGLASS.

And here's a list of the things I'm looking forward to.

1. Sleep.

2. Sleep.

3. The possible return of sanity.

4. The sweet tea detox, which in and of itself isn't something I'm looking forward to, but getting rid of the nervous shakes and rehydrating my skin will SURELY be a plus.

5. All the shows on my DVR. I can't WAIT to see how LOST ended. Did they make it off the island? Is the Smoke Monster REALLY a tabletop grill gone rogue?

6. Doctor Who series SIX. IN REAL TIME. The BBC is finally giving props to its American fans!

7. Getting rid of the super sexay three inches of silver roots in my hairdo. (My hair isn't silver because I'm old. NOOOOO. It's silver because ... I am ... a ... FAIRY. YEAH. THAT'S IT.)

8. Clean baseboards. Folded laundry. A fully stocked fridge.

9. Planting my spring and summer gardens. I LIKE DIRT. It makes me feel like a bad ass when I dig around in it. It also makes me think of Judy Blume and earthworm cookies.


11. Game of Thrones, the book and the series!

12. But the thing I'm looking to most, things actually, are the two shiny new story ideas that are bouncing around in my brain, and the super sweet spiral notebooks I bought to plan them in.

Because, in the end, I'm still a writer.

You MUST have better answers than I do, so schlep on over to Beth Revis's blog and COMMENT to tell her, and you could win a signed copy of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!


  1. My main one would be to catch up on all my reading , my book shelves are getting fuller with no end in sight LOL.

  2. I'd love to catch up on my reading too, but I'm not sure if that will ever happen. Too many fabulous books keep being released. :)

  3. LOL--LOVED your answers. Yeah, sleep would be a good thing! Oh, and I'm SO excited about Game of Thrones. I've already got my DVR set to record it (squee).

  4. Love your fairy theory.

    My big one is finishing my WIP...again. I had it all sparkly and shiny then got some incredible feedback at a workshop and decided to rewrite it in 1st person. *futureheaddesk*

  5. LOL! I just fin. watching Lost last week. Now I know all...but I won't squeal :)

    And oh, no, you're going to give me a cliffhanger ending, aren't you? *dies early*


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