HOURGLASS Jewelry and ARC Giveaway

Fire and Ice is having an AMAZING jewelry giveaway for HOURGLASS!

There are a few pieces of jewelry that made their way into the book, and Heather has done a spectacular job of rounding up replicas. Here are the ones she is giving away - and hurry - the giveaway ends today!

To win a ring like Michael's, go here: 

To win a disc like Kaleb's go here:

To win an HOURGLASS ARC, go here: 

Thank you to Heather Gardner from Fire and Ice for having such an AMAZING giveaway! You can read an interview with Heather in The Fort here.  

UPDATE: Heather's contest is now CLOSED. You can see the winners HERE!


  1. I would love to enter for the necklace, but I don't see a click spot?


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