Carrie Ryan: In the Fort on Bookanista Thursday!

I can only read Carrie Ryan books at the beach.

When I first heard about THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, someone compared it to Twilight, saying, "It's Twilight, with zombies." So I didn't read it for a year, because I thought, "GROSS. Things fall OFF of zombies."

I finally gave in because I kept hearing such wonderful reviews. Y'all. IT IS SO NOT TWILIGHT WITH ZOMBIES.

It's a heartbreaking story about choices and loss and love and family - and there are zombies, but not like you think - and you should REALLY, REALLY read it. After FoHaT, you need to read DEAD TOSSED WAVES, and then Carrie's latest release, THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES. And then you need to come back and thank me.

But don't read them at night. Or alone. Or in the dark.

(SIDE NOTE: Donate to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE and you could win a signed copy of THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES!)

I was lucky enough to meet Carrie at the Decatur Book Festival last fall, and then I got to spend some time with her on Maggie Stiefvater's Branson Writer's Retreat. Here's the thing.

She writes these AMAZING, GORGEOUS stories that rip your heart out. The language is flawless, the settings are haunting, and the characters are fleshed out (HA HA ZOMBIE JOKE). You'd think she'd be this brooding, serious, contemplative-type person.


She acts out books, like some kind of one-woman stand up show. I'm pretty sure I know how Maggie's FOREVER ends, all thanks to Carrie. I'm just trying to figure out ... who rides a horse? Or a broom? And if there's a helicopter? Or was that a lasso?

(I didn't say she was particularly good at relaying the exact storyline of the books, just that she was hilarious. Also, good at sound effects.)

So enjoy Carrie's visit to The Fort, and if you haven't read her books, get on it! Like a zombie with a neck bone.

Favorite game?
Hide and seek!

Sun worshipper, spray tan or SPF 50?
Sun worshiper who wears SPF 50.

Beach or lake? Boat or shore?
Yes please! 

Air conditioning or open windows?
In North Carolina in the summer?  I might as well cram myself into my own freezer! 

Raft or inner tube?
Raft.  Towing an inner tube behind with a cooler full of refreshing drinks.

High dive, low dive or cannonball?
High dive. 

Favorite summer drink?
A zombie. (here's the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_%28cocktail%29)  I mean how can I not!? 

Ghost story or not? Do you remember any favorites from the past?
Love ghost stories though I will jump and freak out every time.  I remember bits and pieces about the ghost who haunted my summer camp called... the GhoulaFletcher!  Ooooooh, scary!  But seriously, no way I'd go back to that camp alone at night.  

Truth, or Dare?
I guess I'd take the dare not to answer this question? 

What singer/musician/band is a must have for The Fort soundtrack?
Clearly we'd need lots of dancing in the fort and that means Madonna.  Wait, am I showing my age?

What movie would you bring to watch?
Love Actually. I can watch that movie a million times. 

Zombicorn by *garfieldrocz
at deviantART
Who's the ideal mascot (usually cute boys, or one time, a unicorn, or that other time, Sue Sylvester) for The Fort and why?
Zombiecorn, der.

Marshmallows, lightly toasted or burned to a crisp?
Lit on fire and allowed to burn! 

Awake all night or first one to sleep?
Awake - I hate missing the fun!

If awake all night, practical joke or no (and what kind)?
I'd be the one egging on the planning and then saying we shouldn't follow through.  I'm all talk... 

If you could have any YA author visit The Fort and tell stories, who would it be and what story would you ask them to tell?


  1. I just got the ARC of The Dark and Hollow Places so I went out and bought the other two books and will read them one after the other. I am sure that I will love them. They look and sound amazing! Great post!

  2. Fun interview, ladies, thanks!!

  3. Hehe. What a fun interview! Zombiecorn *snort*

  4. Love your questions, Myra! And thumbs up on the inner tube pulling drinks behind the raft.

  5. I would like a zombiecorn as a pet. Though I'm guessing it might be difficult to train.

    Great interview!


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