YA Week of Amazeballs Releases Take Two

Okay, so first off, an apology.

Several events conspired to keep me from posting all the awesome I had planned for last week, so it's coming this week instead!

You'll forgive me. You don't mind. You know I'm on deadline and borderline crazy okay completely crazy and I'll give you things if you want me to. What do you want? Cupcakes? Shirtless pics of cute boys?

Books? You want books? I can do that.

I am scheduling posts now!

And also? If you're excited about HOURGLASS? (I hope you are. Please?) You might want to check back here on March 24th.


  1. Shirtless boys will do thank you. ;) And of course I'm uber excited about Hourglass! Whoo hoo!

  2. We are SO EXCITED and you know we'll be back here. Esp. if K will be shirtless. *coughs*


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