Old Donkey

I was chatting with my precious friend M.G. Buehrlen about my stress level, and how I don't feel like I can get it all done - done well, at least - and then I told her that I've started having crazy heart palpitations.

She said ....

MG: it's an intense and heavy load
 me: it's what i asked for
 MG: yes, so there needs to be shifting
11:10 AM you can't put 8 tons on an old donkey
  you've got to make sure what's under the load can handle it
  foundation man!
11:11 AM 
 me: are you calling me an old donkey?
 MG: LOL no!
 me: I think you are

 MG: you're the donkey's OWNER
 me: I think you are calling me an old donkey
 MG: and you're putting more weight on him than he can take
11:12 AM and all that weight is GOOD STUFF but i think you need to buy another donkey to share the load.

And then she sent me a visual aid. So APPARENTLY, this is me. Because I'm an old donkey: 



  1. You actually are a donkey. But I looooooooove petting you and putting ribbons in your mane and stuff.

  2. Aww I know the feeling. Sometimes the load is too much. *hugs*

  3. lol :) At least donkeys are pretty cute.

  4. LOL, screw the donkey, get a mule!

    Cute post, but seriously, I totally understand the metaphor, no matter who the donkey is. I overload myself all the time, and lately, my writing has been the thing I sacrifice. I'm not proud of that fact, but at least my friends are happy about it.

  5. LOL! I'm dying right now! And I feel so... exposed. Maybe I need work on my metaphors. I'm glad Tere gets it. AND YOU ARE NOT THE DONKEY! And you need a whole team of draft horses at this point in the game, girlfriend! *kisses* *hugs* *cash*

  6. Hahaha!!! So funny!! But if you are any old donkey, that makes me......

    I don't want to think about it!

  7. I wish this was Facebook so I could like Saundra's comment. Where do I send the green ribbons for St. Patty's Day? (Also, you totally need to share the load. I stand by my default suggestion: Manny. Or becoming Sister Wives. Whatever works for you.)

  8. See, what I love is that I was all stressed out, and then I got called an OLD DONKEY, and all the stress just disappeared.

    Maybe it was because Saundra was playing with my hair.

    But I think it was because when you all laugh with me, the load floats right up to the sky.


  9. Hahahaha! You know she's a good friend if she can call you an old donkey. Maybe she's right--not that you're and old donkey, but that you could use some help? Or a day at the spa anyway. Hope things ease up for you a bit.

  10. There are so very many ass jokes to be made here, and I am exercising SO MUCH SELF-RESTRAINT.

  11. I laughed SO HARD.

    And made my hubby read it.

    He. Did. Not. Get. It.

    Or maybe he thinks *I'm* an old donkey too, and therefore the humor was lost on him ...


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