DEMONGLASS by Rachel Hawkins

First up in the YA Week of Amazeballs Book Releases, DEMONGLASS by Rachel Hawkins!

I would have committed a serious crime to get my hands on DEMONGLASS. HEX HALL is one of the books I consistently recommend - and the readers always thank me. I was lucky enough to procure an advanced copy of DEMONGLASS this August at the Decatur Book Festival, directly from Rachel Hawkins' purse. And after a particularly spectacular dinner, it was inscribed with the words, "Eat some shaved meat and WRITE THE DAMN BOOK."

Truer words were ne'er spoken. Written. Whatever.

If you loved HEX HALL, you will adore DEMONGLASS. Some reasons why: a new grandiose locale, a new/old love interest, an old/potentially murderous love interest, some slightly insane new friends and the same spectacular Sophie await you - with just as many laughs as one expects from Rachel Hawkins.

The only author who's made me laugh as hard as Rachel is Janet Evanovich (back when she was still Janet Evanovich).

Buy DEMONGLASS. You'll laugh/cry/insert favorite emotion here, and possibly, when you're finished, you'll send Rachel a message similar to the one I sent. It involved a lot of expletives and threats about HEX HALL 3 and what I had to do to get an early copy.

The sad news is? Rachel is so amazeballs, there won't be any. CURSE YOU, DISNEY*HYPERION! Also, BLESS YOU!

You might also know that Rachel is a dear, dear friend of mine. She's leaving to go on tour today - check out her schedule here to see if she's coming to a city near you - AND READ THE FIRST CHAPTER OF DEMONGLASS. I promised her a surprise. We share a love of lots of things, from Ben Barnes to Blue Moon (with a slice of orange). but my very favorite is a love of NUMBER ELEVEN.

So here's a little bit of The Doctor and the ever spectacular Amy Pond, just for you, Rachel. HAPPY RELEASE DAY!

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  1. I can't wait to read Demonglass. I loved Hex Hall so frigging much - I give it out to all our teens at work (I'm a librarian). This post cracked me up. You're too funny.


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