Joy and Pain

HOURGLASS Advance Reader Copies have officially gone out to book bloggers for review.

I have really mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I adore seeing my book baby in the hands of the audience for which it was intended - teens.* I've already gotten some really sweet, amazing, precious reviews. I even cried once or twice.

But you know how these things go, right?

Life isn't always sunshine and kittens. Bad reviews will come, sooner rather than later. I try to keep an open mind, be objective, have a thick skin. There's absolutely NO WAY everyone can love it, or even like it. Taste is subjective. I like dark chocolate, you like milk. I'm a fan of Doctors #11 and #10, but you might chicken fight me to the death over #9.

Doctors 9, 10 and 11, respectively.

You can't argue with someone's opinion. (Or Matt Smith's hair.)

A friend said to me today, "I love you, but when it comes to this stuff, you know you're a glass half-empty kind of girl." I like to think I'm a realist. If I keep my reactions "zen" and don't swing too far up or down, maybe the lows won't be so low. I wish I could say I have a coping mechanism in place for the bad days. I don't really, but I anticipate it'll involve a lot of rocking back and forth and Italian take out.

So there are today's insecurities laid bare for you, dear reader.

Thanks for listening.

*Do not doubt for one second that it was also written for grown ups. Because it WAS. :D


  1. Hahah love the post! Ohhh good luck!! I'm sure that it will be a hit, I mean it looks and sounds amazing so it has to be lol. Can't wait to the release so I can get myself a copy =D


  2. Thank you, Kelsey! I WILL CHOOSE to agree with you!


  3. *Hugs and dark chocolate and bourbon for you*

  4. Myra, I cannot imagine the angst and excitement. Just remember to breathe. A healthy realistic view of the world is much better preparation than expecting sunshine and kittens. That said, I will send internet worms to anyone who dares to be mean about your book. ;)

  5. Hahaha. It's weird that we often only remember or see the bad news. It'll be great! Have fun and be excited :)

  6. I adore you Myra! I can't imagine your book being anything but good and if you get a bad review let me know...I know people ;)

  7. It's going to be great! They're going to love it!!! :) Take out Italian is always a good choice ... no matter what the occasion :)

  8. I am so looking forward to your book, Myra!
    And I am sure that for every "bad" (if any) or even "average" review, you will have fifty GREAT ones!
    People have different likes, interests, and opinions. And that's a good thing for writers.

  9. Prediction: All the cool people will LOVE your book. Oh wait, they already do.

    Thanks for sharing this. I imagine it is really a terrifying experience to have so many people reading and commenting on your work.

  10. Michelle - I'll return the favor when it's your turn!

    Corinne - I am breathing. Into a paper bag, maybe, but breathing.

    Simon - Thank you!

    Elizabeth - I adore you, too? NOW WHERE'S YOUR COMPUTER?

    Jemi - Italian is my go to for celebration or sorrow!

    Kelly - You're absolutely right. I remind myself of that often.

    Talia - YOU ARE ONE OF THE COOL PEOPLE! And it will be your turn sooooon.

  11. I'm with you! 10 and 11 are my favs ^_^. Oh and don't worry it Italian take out is the downside then you're going to be alright.


  12. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the one book everyone likes. XD

  13. From one "half-empty" kind of girl to another, be proud of your accomplishment and know that that book needed to be written, because it was in you. If you are the only one who reads it (you won't be) or likes it (you won't be), then it served its purpose. And I can't wait to read it. Congrats, hugs and kisses, and cheers (imagine a glass clinking right about now).

  14. Myra- when you return the favor, I prefer milk chocolate, and also Riesling. Mmmkay? Thanks. *KISSES*

  15. I'm notoriously hard on books (especially those of the fantasy/paranormal genre) and I loved Hourglass! I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. My review will be up on yaReads soon. :)


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