Internet Spoils

Today is a straight up disconnect (gasp!) and write day. But first, there are some lovely things happening around the Internet that I think you should know about!

1. Today marks the paperback release of HEX HALL by Rachel Hawkins! I love Rachel. I love HEX HALL. Both make me laugh, but only one has actually made me pee in my pants.

(You'll either have to guess which, or buy HEX HALL and do a scientific experiment for your own self. IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!)

2. The spectacular Saundra Mitchell is gearing up for THE VESPERTINE (swoon!) release by giving away a dream gown! A GOWN! PEOPLE! Or at least a gift card so you can buy your very own! Go here for details. 

3. I talk about the HOURGLASS cover reveal at Adventures in Children's Publishing! How it was planned, anticipated, obsessed over .... it's informative. We like informative, right? You can find that post here. 

4. My sweet friends Sophie and Jen are debating The Geeky Boy vs. The Bad Boy ... and I think you should weigh in. Yes, yes I do.

5. The AH-mazing Amelia J. Moore, photographer extraordinaire and precious friend, has a feature up on the Mint and Sage blog - a Pennsylvania farm wedding. Go look. Get lost. The ROMANCE. Ahhhh.....

6. Tuesdays seem to be habitually made of suck for some reason, and a while back I asked for hugs and cute animal videos on The Twitter. They just keep coming! I find it necessary to share some of these with you. Here's one now, courtesy of Jen L.!



  1. Thanks for all the great links and the adorable video! Rachel is pretty hilarious but I think I'll leave the experimenting up to your more adventurous readers. ;)

  2. I totally just watched two storks having sex.


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