Cover Reveal Week Day Two

Today's excerpt is up on Eve's Fan Garden!

And I'm giving away a pair of bunny slippers. Don't you want to know WHY?

Now, for some bloggage (which hopefully is not related to blockage in any way).

As HOURGLASS makes its way into the world, even little excerpt by little excerpt, I've noticed something.

I feel like hyperventilating. A LOT. No, I mean, really a lot. Like all the time. And I keep getting that kind of dizzy feeling I used to get in high school and college when a cute boy I was crushing on would talk to me. The whole, "I'm So Happy He Noticed Me Oh Sweet Lord What If I Puke On His Shoes Is There Anything In My Teeth HE JUST TOUCHED MY HAND *flail*" feeling.

And while there's this deep desire to lie down on the floor and wait for all of that to pass, I realize that I can't do this every time my book is mentioned over the next four months.


So I'm taking suggestions for an alternative plans. Already suggested: flasks, shot glasses, paper bags.

Can you come up with anything else? Or how about you give me your very best advice for a peaceful/zen/sane state of mind?

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