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I promised myself I'd be better about blogging this year. That I'd think of quality things to say, that I'd talk about writing, offer more interviews, do more vlogging.

Sometimes, being a mom and a wife and a writer doesn't allow me to spend quality time on blog posts. The posts that are the most well-received are the ones that come from my gut. The posts that come from my gut can wear me out emotionally and deplete me of all the energy I need to write other (decent) posts.

So I reevaluated my blogging process, and asked myself, "Why do I blog?"

I like you people, for one thing. Your comments make me happy. I like knowing you're out there, I like knowing that maybe something I've shared, or that someone else has shared in the comments, lifted you up just a little, made you feel like a link in a chain instead of a loner.

I know a lot of people started following this blog because it was a requirement for most of the contests I did last year. I'm not doing that anymore. I don't want to bribe anyone into being here. I want you to visit because you like what I say. Also, when I added up all the receipts for the year from my book buying and shipping costs, my husband turned into DRUNK HULK.


So contest rules are now as follows:

I will do four or five Friday in the Fort interviews a month. At the end of that month, I will open a contest for 72 hours. You can fill out a Google entry form to let me know which book you'd like to win and to give me an email contact. At the end of the 72 hours, I'll tally the total, pick a number from Random.org, and choose one winner, who will then receive the book they've chosen. If the book you choose is available at Book Depository, and Book Depository mails to your address, I'll accept international entries.

ALSO, I'd like to know what you want to see when you come here? Would you like to read more about the writing process, the writing life, how my kids beat the pashazz out of each other on a daily basis, or do you just come for the LOLCats pics and vlogs where I cry a lot?

Tell me what you'd like to see in the comments if you can spare a second or two, and thank you for your opinion.


  1. I'd have to say I come for everything but the LOL cats. I'm not a cat person. The rest of it I adore. I'm a fan of random and of order (worlds collide) and I get both on your blog. I can count of Friday in the Fort each Friday for my dose of order and the random is everything else. Whether random or ordered, it's always well written (or filmed) and helpful. Keep up the good work.

  2. Your new blog makes me happy.

  3. I like the LOL cats.

  4. Thank you. That means a lot! (((hugs)))

  5. Why do I get a mad face???

  6. I love your randomness and honesty, that is part of what makes your blog so fun. So I guess all I want to see is you to continue to be your wonderful self.

  7. I just like hearing what you have to say, even if I don't have the time to comment a lot. :)


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