2010 Reflections: Speak Loudly

For those of you who don't know, Speak Loudly was a hashtag started on Twitter by Paul Hankins in response to a ridiculous attempt at censorship in Missouri. You can read my original post with the links I mention in the vlog here.

I wish I could explain how much I was changed by the Speak Loudly experience. After it happened, I had a really difficult time blogging and engaging in social media. I felt like my insides had turned into my skin.

The most amazing and inspiring thing about the whole situation is that NOT ONCE did I feel attacked or judged by the writerly world. So much of what touched me involved connecting with other people, and I'm still processing the experience, to be totally honest. I don't feel like it's over yet.


  1. I remember reading your post and that whole situation. What a year - and you're right...it'll come up again, I have no doubt.

  2. I love that you didn't cut "suck it, Westley" out of that vlog. I am sort of a "what you see is what you get" type of person, and so if you know me well enough you know my beliefs, but your courage in explaining your viewpoint helped me to not even BLINK when I did my own post. Inappropriate Christian Mamas FTW!

  3. You know I'm crazy wild on Twitter, but I too typically don't talk sex, politics or religion, mostly because I'm not looking to change anyone's opinion, and I could give a rat's ass what they think of mine. It's really no one's business what is in my heart, unless I choose to open it.

    I stand at my desk in my disgusting, filthy writer's office and applaud you. Loudly. I love this vlog, I love what you wrote in your post, and I love your passion for God and your beliefs. Brava!

    Yes, speak loudly. By all means. Even swear if you have to.

  4. I love that you didn't cut it! Speak Loudly had a profound affect on me this year too and so did your response to it. You showed me that some things are worth standing up for, worth risking your whole online image and presence because sometimes you just have to do the right thing. By the way, a huge thank you to your adorable cat for helping keep things light and purring into the microphone!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you didn't cut that last bit. Speak Loudly was amazing. To see so many people standing up for what they believe in was, and still is, inspiring.

  6. Katie-Mundie Moms1/05/2011 02:55:00 PM

    You are a freaking rock star and you know we love you! I'm so glad you didn't cut. You're right, this will continue to come up and we'll continue to act out against censorship. This Paul did an amazing thing with bringing so many people together. I can only imagine what it will be like next time censorship happens.

    Your mug is hilarious!

  7. I'm so glad you didn't cut suck it. Some people need to be total to suck it. Great job! (as usual)

  8. First, I love your accent.
    Second, next time I'm in the area visiting family, I'm just going to have to hunt you down and hug you.
    Third, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a John the Baptist remark. Wow.
    Fourth, I'm glad you admitted that it took you thirty-some years to finally be true to yourself. Now I don't feel so stupid for doing the same thing.
    Fifth, I didn't get publicly involved in the Speak Loudly campaign because it was just too personal. But I'm glad so many people were able to get over that inner hurdle and do what they did. Maybe someday I will have the strength to do that, too.

    Thank you for this. Thank you for being the you that you are every day.

  9. This is so way old of a response, but I just stumbled across this vlog entry, so I'm leaving a response--just because, I guess, because I need to write it.

    Thank you for what you said and for what you wrote. I write, and am not published yet, and I'm a Christian, and I've felt, well, weird sometimes because of how others seem to perceive that. And, lately, I've really felt that I need to say it--not loudly or in someone's face, but just make it clear, that yeah, that's what I believe, and that doesn't mean I'm banning books or doing all those other things that I don't understand how anyone who considers themselves Christians would do--okay, a little off topic. So, thank you. I love Hourglass and I hope one day that my book will be on the shelves next to yours.


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