2010 Reflections: Friday in the Fort

I did a little bit of reflecting in December on some of my favorite things that happened in 2010. Today, I share the first, Friday in the Fort.

I cry. Because I am a dork.

You can read all the Friday's in the Fort here.

I really, really love doing these interviews. I love giving books away when I can, except I am CRAPTASTIC when it comes to mailing them. I resolve to take less time to get them out in 2011!

But, I mostly love seeing authors I enjoy expose their personalities in a different way. The people who let loose and get a little silly are definitely my favorites!

Believe it or not, most of 2011 in The Fort is ALREADY scheduled. Next week's posts are all Fort interviews I couldn't fit in from last year. I'll have one giveaway at the end, so look for that next Friday!

Tomorrow: The Flood.


  1. I can't tell you how encouraging it is to hear that good things eventually happen after all the bad. Sometimes when we're in the bad we forget that. Thank you! I love Friday's In The Fort and always look forward to them. You encourage me every day. :)

  2. Okay, first, you are not a dork for crying a lot. Second, I love the Fridays in the Fort so much, but I had no idea WHY you started them. Now I love them even more. Third, can I move in? To the fort? I'll bring hot boys. *hides from 2011 b/c it means being SRS BZNS* And, forth, as always: you are adorable and I luuuurrrrve you. xoxo *sinks back down into your bushes* *snickers*

  3. Most of the year is booked - that's awesome!!

    Love the story of how the fort came to be - very cool :)

    And if crying a lot means you're a dork - I'm right there with you!! :)

  4. I love your vlog! It's so cool to see you talking after reading your words for so long. And you're not a dork for crying :-)

  5. This made me cry. And laugh too, because you're so dang cute. My new year is starting out pretty craptastic, so thanks for giving me hope. And reminding me I can always build a fort if things get really bad. :)

  6. I look forward to Fridays in the Fort each week. I love getting to know authors in such a relaxed way. And to see who has my same taste in cute boys.
    I can't wait to continue hangin' in the Fort this year.

  7. I have no idea how you get these done -- you're a machine.


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