I Slack Off on Bookanista Thursday

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1. I'm helping the Doodlebug do a report on Sir Walter Raleigh. Did you know that when he was beheaded, they EMBALMED HIS HEAD and GAVE IT TO HIS WIFE? Seriously. And then when she died, they (I'm not sure who they are, probably King James' minions) came and GOT the head and BURIED IT WITH THE REST OF HIM?

2. I tried to convince my kid that this was worthy of inclusion in his report. He just said it was gross.

3. We're gonna DNA test this week.

4. While helping with said report, I was trying to keep the Spider Monkey out of the fireplace and keep the cats from killing the dogs. Went to The Husband's office to ask for help, and BUSTED HIM PLAYING SOLITAIRE.

5. He should be out of the hospital by next Wednesday.

6. I've realized that to have a reasonable first draft for HOURGLASS book two, I must write 1500 words a day until January 15th.

7. While doable in a normal month, a month that includes a three week vacay from pre-school and a two week vacay from big boy school ... well. Not so much.

8. There's a tiny bottle of vodka on my desk.

9. I have two spectacular writing retreats coming up with some writers who make me fangirl like WHOA. I can't WAIT. There will be blogging, vlogging, tweeting, and inappropriate photographic evidence.

10. I have to hit 30, 000 words before the first retreat occurs, so I'm going to be sparse around these parts for a bit.

11. I know you're used to seeing Bookanista posts on Thursday, and since SOME people have their JUNK together, I'll point you in their direction.

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  1. Holy crap! Did she keep his head on the mantle or what? Creepy! And that definitely should go in the report!
    Spike that OJ this morning with the vodka and get to writing! Yikes! That's a tight deadline around the holidays. Good luck!

  2. That really gives new meaning to the phrase, "Your head on my mantle" also where can I get one of those?

    I feel that its never a boring day at your place, and I have a friend who has a sinkhole if you ever need to borrow it...just saying

    Have fun on the retreat! I will be looking forward to all those glorious tweets! And good luck with the deadline

  3. So so excited for you and your retreats! I know you'll kick some HG2 butt. Also, is this like that one time when you swore off Twitter? Because that was a sad, sad day and a half. ;)

  4. I'm supposedly related to Sir Walter Raleigh. Glad to hear the head was buried and not passed down.

    Good luck with the rest, darlin'! YOU CAN DO EET.

  5. LOL! Your hubby is brave and bold and I wish him a speedy recovery. ;) I can't wait to hear all about your retreats and see the pics!


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