I Had Forgotten

I had forgotten what it was like
to give birth to a character.

Create life in my mind.

How it felt
to close my eyes,
slide on her skin.
How it felt
to breathe her air,
live out her hopes.

Losing my journey,
wisdom about life,
how it works.
Losing my desires,
preconceived notions,
finding hers.

The magic
of her blood
in my veins.
The wonder
of her breath
in my lungs.

What does she fear?
What does she love?
What will she overcome?
What does she want?
What does she need?
How can I make her fly?

I had forgotten what it was like,
to give birth to a character.

But now I remember.

(I also have another short story up at THESE DARK THINGS! It has manure in it!)


  1. Wow. This is amazing. Thank you.

  2. This is such a good feeling. Love how you wrapped it up in a poem. I hope you love every minute of your new WIP!

  3. Best feeling ever. (And so much less messy than the other kind of giving bir... oh, never mind.)

  4. Thanks for your comments, y'all! Something about putting a poem out there felt very vulnerable. So that means you do it, right?


  5. So beautiful Myra. I don't know why I'm surprised--everything you write is magic. But yeah, it's lovely. Brava!

  6. Myra, I don't usually like poetry all that much, but this one really hit me. In a good way. I'm glad you took a risk and shared it with us!


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