Threaded Comments?

I'm a big fan of Blogger. The one thing I truly dislike is the lack of threaded comments, meaning, you comment and I get to respond back to you directly instead of six comments down.

So I'm trying Disqus. It allows threaded comments with Twitter or Facebook accounts or Open ID or maybe some other things. So we'll see how it goes.

And I solemnly swear I'll get back to real blogging ASAP. Lots going on, including FINAL PAGE PROOFS for HOURGLASS!

UPDATE: When I installed Disqus, all of my comments from previous posts disappeared. So I uninstalled. GET ON THE BALL, BLOGGER! WE WANT THREADED COMMENTS!

WHEEEEEEE! Here. Have this.

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  1. I recently switched to Intense Debate and I like it a lot. I was able to keep blogger comments on older posts and accept ID threaded comments on the newer ones. Pretty easy to install, too.


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