A Pictorial Essay

Most of my real-life/online friends know that I've been dealing with a crazy back situation for the past two weeks which has involved a heating pad, a bucket of IcyHot, physical therapy, and lots and lots of drugs. The writing has suffered, as has email communication, housecleaning, reading, blogging, and existing. HOWEVER, I am hopefully on the mend. I am not flat on my back today; I am slightly inclined! Huzzah!

As a peace offering, I thought I would offer you a pictorial essay (featuring my feline companions Milo and Oz) about what can go wrong when you ignore things that you think will get better if you just keep going (like pain).

Enjoy, and I hope to be back among those who can sit upright real soon.


  1. I'm so sorry you're having back problems. Those are absolutely the worst! I'm glad to hear you're feeling at least a little better. Thanks for sharing the super cute pictures!

  2. Only cats would be so limber when their servant is in back pain.

    They are very cute, fingers crossed you have a quick recovery.

  3. No joke, I think our tabbies are related.

    I hope the back feels better soon. You have my sympathies there.

  4. Back pain is the worst. I hope you're all healed soon!

  5. Cats are cool! And not one lol cat sniff my butt comment. Hope your back gets better soon. I'll send you some healing.

  6. Great photos :)
    Hope your back is better soon. I'll bet seeing the ARCs made you feel a little better!!

  7. Oh, Myra -- I'm so sorry about your back! I've never had to deal with chronic pain like that, so I can't even imagine. Hope it becomes more manageable.

    Those kitty photos are so wonderful -- you made my day!

  8. Sorry to hear. I hurt my neck a few months ago and discovered that anything on the spine hurting equals entire spine being miserable. And people are sort of useless without spines, huh?

    I hope you feel better soon.

  9. I hope your back problems clear up soon. Back pain and limited movement are draining, I know! Sending you some positive thoughts!


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