WriteOnCon and Yet Another Twilight Spoof

Interested in helping out the amazing Write On Con, a FREE ongoing conference for writers, and winning a pre-order of HOURGLASS? GO HERE!

And Heather at FIRE AND ICE made HOURGLASS today's Waiting On Wednesday post. As far as I know, that's my first one! THANK YOU! *cries* *clings to Heather* *cries* *wipes snot on sleeve*

And, y'all know I like to share these, right?

Forgive me. I couldn't resist.


  1. Aww you are welcome! Ever since you told me about it I have been wiating for the time slip goodiness. And feel free to wipe on my sleeve. I have toddlers...

  2. OMG that spoof is hysterical - loved it! And the song actually isn't that bad (I'm gonna be singing it to myself all day now "kinda like chicken and biscuits...")

  3. A ha ha. That was amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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