PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White on Bookanista Thursday: Ten Reasons I Love It

Again, you can save time by going ahead and buying PARANORMALCY now, or you can read the ten reasons why I loved it so. It's your party.

1. THE FUNNEH. I am a huge fan of Rachel Hawkins and the HEX HALL series, namely because of Sophie's humor and how it jumps off the page. SO DOES EVIE'S. As a matter of fact, Kiersten and Rachel decided Evie and Sophie would be BFF's in real (er ... fictional?) life. PERFECTION.

2. Featured Creatures. There are vamps. There are werewolves. There are fairies. But there are also OTHER THINGS.

3. World building. Always a key issue for me. If I don't buy the world, I don't buy the book. Kiersten has successfully created at least three worlds. KaChing goes the cash register.

4. Evie. I love her like cupcakes. Her fashion sense. Her television obsession. Her love of the color pink. But most of all I love her heart. It's so genuine, and her self doubt is so real, that you will ache for her. I'd TOTALLY adopt her.

5. Tasey. It's bedazzled. It's pink. It's a taser. That is all.

6. Reth. THANK YOU. A bad boy who is finally bad. BAD. Attractive, yet still BAD.

7. Lend. *le sigh* I adore the way Evie can "see" him. It's such a lovely metaphor for all the things relationships should really be based on.

8. Romance. It's genuine. It's all the first flush of a first crush. It's about hands brushing and eyes meeting and uncertainty. *le sigh* times two.

9. Originality. It's so fresh it's still doughy. Love paranormal but tired of different takes on the same thing? BUY IT.

10. Kiersten. It always pleases me when an author translates from social media to the page and back again. Kiersten is a real person. She comes across as real person. A real person who told a kick ass story. She's funny, self-deprecating, and honestly, an excellent example on how to conduct yourself.

Now, you know you want to read it. What are you waiting for? GO. GO!!!

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  1. LOVED this book. LOVE Kiersten--just went to her launch party this week, she's the most awesome, real, hilarious person ever. Oh, and her kids are precious.

    If Paranormalcy doesn't hit the times list there is something wrong with the world. :)

  2. I concur with all of your points and many more. Awesome review!!

    I do think there is something to be said about the AUTHOR that makes a book popular. Maybe we should blog on that sometime???

  3. Shannon - AGREED.

    Elana - I have some STRONG opinions on this. Email me, I'd love to blog about it.

  4. I so agree!! Paranormalcy is such a refreshing read that blends together everything I love-paranormal, a snarky female character, romance, action.. what more could I want!?!? Oh yeah, a bad boy. lol

    I so agree that Sophie and Evie could totally be BFF's!

  5. I can't wait to read this book this weekend. Love that's "it's so fresh it's still doughy"


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