Nikita on the CW: Why It's Genius

I've been a fan of the action heroine since the late seventies, when Linda Carter wowed me as Wonder Woman with her spinning skills and magical bracelets. SUCH a big fan, that at the age of seven, in the sincerest form of flattery - imitation - I accidentally wowed my aunt and uncle's neighbors by spinning into the living room in my Wonder Woman Underoos.

If they made those Underoos in my size now, I'd TOTALLY wow the carpool drop off line.

I've fallen in love with many action heroines over the years - Princess Leia, the Bionic Woman, all of the Charlie's Angels, Scully, Sydney Bristow, Buffy Summers and Daisy Duke. Yes, she was an action heroine. I was born and raised in the south, SO YES SHE WAS. Seriously. YOU try wearing booty shorts while driving a getaway car with vinyl seats.*

La Femme Nikita (USA network) was also a favorite. Not just because I could look at Peta Wilson for days, but because the backstory was so compelling. I actually think my love for Nikita whet my appetite for Alias, and that love is deep and wide, y'all. Deep. And. Wide. SO much that I've never watched the final episode. Because if I do, it will be OVER, AND I CAN'T TAKE THAT. 

Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/CW
Anyhoo, Nikita. When I heard the CW was going to revamp it, I was a little worried. When I saw the commercials featuring Maggie Q - who is a) gorgeous and b) so bad ass that she does her own stunts - I was a little nervous. The promos didn't show me anything that looked that different from the original series. But I held out hope and set the DVR, because rarely am I disappointed in the CW. 

I was NOT disappointed in Nikita. 

This series starts after the protag, Nikita, has escaped from Division. She's 27 and hell bent on revenge. We learn of her intimate relationship with Michael, her former handler, and discover that even though she's gone rogue, she's a "good gal".  She's determined to stop Division while protecting as many people as she can, including Division's new recruits. 

A new recruit like Alexandra (Lyndsy Fonseca). Alex appears to be addicted to meth and is accused of murder. Division is her way out. Rough situation for a young girl. 

A young girl. 

Photo by Kerry Hayes/The CW
What is the CW really known for these days? Rockin' the teen drama, of course. Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 90210. The one thing we haven't seen of late is a teen action heroine (I don't count any of the Dollhouse cast as teens. Also regarding Dollhouse, lots of comparisons are being made between the two shows. I think Nikita stands on its own.). There's a twist at the end of the pilot that definitely put me on the hook, along with the line and sinker, for the next episode. Everybody has a secret or twelve, and hopefully some of them will be given away before I'm dragged into season two, or worse, cancellation.

The CW has a chance with this one. I think the concept is brilliant, and as long as we keep getting sweet reveals like the one at the end of the pilot, I'm in. Make a show multi-generational, twisty and fresh, and rake in the fans. I set a season pass for the DVR. 

Now it's your turn. Did you watch the pilot episode? What did you think? Could a teen action heroine be the next big thing?

If you haven't seen it, watch the Nikita pilot here. And then come back and tell me about it! 

*(BTW, if you want to see a super cool blog about action heroines across visual media, check out Best Action Heroines: Ravings of a Fangirl). 


  1. I LOVED it! I never watched the original but gave it a shot and I'm totally hooked--over dramatic monologues, close ups and all:-) I hope it lasts--I love females who kick butt!

  2. I am DYING.. DYING!!!! for this show! Was VERY pleasnatly surprised and can't wait for more! Not to mention that kick ass heroine's are my fave! Bring it CW and hope this sticks!

    Gossip Girl, TVD and Nikita? What more can I ask for??

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  4. I wish blogger would let me edit my comments!

    I dvr'ed this and need to watch it. I looooved Alias and anything with a kick ass heroine. Problem is it plays at the same time as all my other favorite shows (Fringe, The Office, Project Runway). Hopefully they re-air it every week at another time, because my dvr cannot handle that many shows at once!

  5. Alias was and is one of my all time favorite shows on TV. Jennifer Garner was a such a badass! I loved everything about it. I watched Nikita and I have hope that it will continue to quality action packed episodes.

    I like twisty, twisty is good and this show definitely has potential in this area.

    Did I mention casting Shane West as the Division handler who exudes sexual tension as being a plus as well?? It definitely is =)

  6. I haven't seen it...because I was worried it wouldn't be as good as the original! But, I'm going to take your recommendation to heart and DVR this. Thanks for the great recap...with a side of tease! :D

  7. I was nervous about it too, but I enjoyed it. And I was totally caught off guard with the reveal, which is an indication of a well-written show to me. Luckily it's in a time slot with only one other show I watch (Fringe).

    Speaking of kick-ass heroines, are you going to check out Chase? The heroine of that looks pretty kick-ass.

  8. I'm feeling very left out over here, because I didn't like Nikita at all! And I've seen nearly every incarnation of it, too, so that was quite a disappointment. I will say this, though. My one gripe was that there wasn't enough of anything "new" with the Nikita angle (or for that matter, the spy/assassin angle), and I think if it'd been all about Alex, I would've been more interested. Maybe I'll give it another shot, though, since everyone else loved it.

  9. I was skeptical going into it, but I really enjoyed the pilot. I'm hoping the series won't disappoint!

  10. I loved it! I wasn't sure if I was going to like the show or not (I mean, ANOTHER revamp?) but I was pleasantly surprised.

    I don't think there can ever be enough of shows that have very strong female characters. And I LOVE the dynamic they introduced at the end. So fascinating!

  11. I had recorded it and watched it yesterday, and I LOVED it! So many twists and turns, and I love a bad ass heroine.

  12. I loved USA's Nikita and this one is even better to me...Shane West is fun to look at and I love how badass Maggie Q is to watch!


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