Rant, Interrupted

I wrote a really long rant about YA being representative of only a slice of life, a diet-sized slice, and then cut all but the following. Because it makes me laugh, I'm sharing it. 


... and really, BREAKING DAWN, from the TWILIGHT SAGA, closes with this sentence: "And then we continued blissfully into this small but perfect piece of our forever."

Hello, home cheese? Does it say happily ever after there? Consider these choices.

a) Perhaps in five years, Bella decides that Edward is a misogynist asshat and runs with Renesmee (hopefully changing her name as they flee). 

b) Perhaps in five years, Edward decides he's an misogynist asshat and he KNOCKS THAT SHIT OFF. 

c) Perhaps in five years, nothing has changed at all, because they both like the way it is JUST FINE. 

d) Or, perhaps in five years, SIMILAR TO MY EXPERIENCE, Bella and Edward grow up a little, fight a lot, push and pull, bend and break, experience sorrow and loss, joy and happiness, move a few times, lose old friends, make new friends, and figure out how to make their lives together work. 

But none of that is YA.

That is all. Except for this. 


  1. I just laughed so loud, I think I disturbed the neighbours in the flat upstairs LOL. Love you Myra x

  2. And you couldn't send the rest to ME in a super secretive email? For shizzle shame.

  3. Probably best that you interrupted, since it looks like the post in its entirely would just bring you fun trolls to squash and more grief than they're worth, but I cannot believe found an actual asshat graphic. Amazing. (also, <3 you.)

  4. Okay my day was just MADE!!!

    Seriously, now I've got to mop coffee off the computer, the cats are all staring at me, even the donkey looked in the picture window to see if he had a long-lost sister trapped in the house because of my braying...

    Touche!!! And the asshat graphic is beyond awesome :)

  5. That's hilarious - kinda want to see the whole rant now! :)

  6. I want a tattoo of that asshat picture. Hey, maybe I could get it on my...er, never mind.


  7. *snert*

    And this is why I love you...


  8. snortling Thank you for sharing.

  9. That's a brilliant analysis. YA is not forever- just a piece :)

  10. I think I instinctively make assumptions about YA romance as being a happily for now ending rather than an HEA simply because of that. Some people stay with their high school sweetheart. My CP did. Some people move on. It's part of life. But the great thing about YA is that you can give that slice of life meaning and allow us to relate because no matter how it turns out in adulthood, IT WAS IMPORTANT WHILE IT HAPPENED! Well said.

  11. LOL! This made me laugh so hard! Thank you. I needed this really badly!

  12. HOw in the world did I miss this!?!? I laughed so hard!

  13. I really hope i win! ive entered another contest and lost! i really cant wait! i love the mi series!


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