Might Have

I just looked back at all of my blog posts from July.

With the exception of a couple of spectacular You Tube videos and some contests, I didn't really offer much by way of content. (Except for the pic of me with no make up and editing hair, but I figure if you make such a picture accessible to the world at large, no one can use it for blackmail.)

As to why my readers were treated to a month of fluff: I received my edits on June 30th.

Much like the month of May, when I was consumed with the DO THE WRITE THING FOR NASHVILLE auction, I don't really remember July. I know every spare second was spent with my revision letter and my manuscript. I'm pretty sure I changed lots and lots of things. You know, I like, revised and stuff.

I'm pretty sure I did a lot of research on subtext. Also, the following might have occurred:

My mother: How are edits on The Book? (I kind of think she doesn't know the name of it.)
Me: I'm working on subtext. 
My mother: Give me an example of subtext. 
Me: Every conversation we've ever had. 

I might have had an unexpected phone conversation with a rather well-known actor, but we'll save that for another post. You know. When I've recovered. (I.E.: Stopped sweating profusely.) Oh okay, I'll share one tidbit (the only one I really remember). I ended the conversation with:

"Enjoy your hat and your day."

Because I might be a masterful conversationalist. Or I might be incredibly awkward.

I might have gained six (okay, eight, dammit) pounds. In one month.

My ass might now be as flat as the state of Iowa.

I might have met my friend Victoria for lunch without remembering to brush my hair.

I might have forgotten to wash out my conditioner on the very day my friend Jessica (who is also my hair stylist) came to drop off some books.

I might not be able to remember the names and ages of my children; they might want to take up permanent residence with their grandparents; and my husband might be considering replacing me with a robot. Or Sookie Stackhouse.

My bathrooms might be comparable to every gas station bathroom in America. Specifically, those that haven't been cleaned in a month.

I might have run a couple of stop signs in my neighborhood while trying to figure out a particular plot point.

I might have reenacted several scenes from the book, out loud, with blocking, while playing every part. And it might or might not have involved costumes.

Every plant in every pot on my front porch might be so dead that they're cripsy.

I might have been persuaded to buy a puppy, and I might have named him Harry Potter. And he might be the cutest puppy in the world.

And finally, I might have turned my revisions in, on time, on Sunday.

But I'm not sure.

I don't really remember July.

Enjoy your hat. And your day.


  1. Who was this mystical actor? I want to know!

    Also: congrats on finishing revisions!

  2. You better not have talked to the only hatty actor I can think of right now because if you did I will have to sweat.

    Congratulations!!! And cute puppy.

  3. You called him Harry Potter? AWWW....

    And who was the actor Myra?

  4. Congrats on finishing your revisions! And that is one cute puppy! Wishing you a memorable August. :-)

  5. I'm noooooot teeeeelllllllllliiiiing.

    I am discreet with my clandestine awkward phone conversations.

  6. TELL USSSSS!!!! Can we at least know what kind of HAT he was enjoying?! (Indiana Jones cowboy hat?)

  7. Congrats. At least you have something to show for the unremembered month lol

    I'm curious at to what actor you are referring to. However, I am an actress well known in my little corner of the world, as I found out last night. (Loud clapping when I came on stage :D)So you are always welcome to claim this connection, although, not sure about the hat thing...

    I love hats. Are you saying we're having a bad hat day? Or to go buy a new one? Or were you being brilliant and realizing all the different metaphorical hats a person wears in a day? We shall have to give this some thought.

    (PS I'm extremely curious as to what actor would make you sweat)

  8. OMG the cuteness of HP! He's PRECIOUS!

    Congrats on finishing revisions.

  9. You know we love you! I so want to kidnap Harry and *coughs* I may have to find away for the said actor to lend you his made of awesome hat that I so want! I wonder if he'd trade scones for it. ROTFL

    We SO need to celebrate..... that is when Sophie and I make it to TN :)

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  11. Harry Potter is most definitely an adorable puppy...congratulations!

  12. Funny! I love Harry Potter = too cute.

    PS: Check out my blog for an award: http://yabooknerd.blogspot.com/2010/08/blog-award.html

  13. Congrats on getting your edits done and turned in! Whoo hoo!

  14. You are awesome! I am so proud of you!!!! Come visit soon (and bring me a draft).

    Love you!


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