Contest Clean Up and Guest Post

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1. I've emailed all winners of my current contests, with the exception of THE PROPHECY of the SISTERS. I won't close that contest until Friday.

Please email back to claim your prize!

2. I've met many lovely people virtually in the writing community, and some of my favorites are the girls at YA Highway. I was honored when they asked me to guest post for them.

Here's a snippet:

"But ... my friends ... live ... in there," I said, pointing to my computer.

I made the above statement to someone recently and I wasn't referencing my story world, although with the exception of my family, I spend more time with my fictional people than I do with real ones. I was referencing the writers I've met online, specifically through blogging and Twitter.

As I said the words, I immediately got the ... "oh, how sad" ... look. I let it bother me for about five minutes.

And then I thought about how grateful I am.

When I was close to finishing HOURGLASS, I did my research and surfed the Internet for professional help (no, not that kind of professional help, but if you've written a book you know I probably needed it).

Industry blogs were the answer - first were Nathan Bransford's and Kristen Nelson's, and then Rachelle Gardner's and Janet Reid's and/or Query Shark's and/or Miss Snark's and so on and so forth. I learned a lot of rules about what not to do, and one or two about what I should do.

Build a presence with social media, they all suggested.

All righty, I acquiesced. 

Read the rest here, at YA HIGHWAY. 

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