Bookanista Thursday: Ten Reasons I Love The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Have you read THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series by Cassie Clare? Here are ten reasons I love it!

1. Hot Heroes. I don't think there are enough words in the English language to express my love for Jace. And Simon. But specifically Jace. As a matter of fact, a speechless stance is probably the best to take anyway. If I'm not talking I can concentrate more fully on wiping away the drool.


2. Strong Heroines. Isabelle is definitely a strong female character, and so is Clary, but Clary makes some mistakes. We get to watch her grow over the course of the books, make her way, come into her own. She makes good choices - she makes poor choices. She's relatable. She's feisty. I want her for a friend. She doesn't make me drool like Jace does, but that's what makes him special. Wait. We're talking about the ladies right now. *eyes number one longingly*

3. Secondary Characters. There's not one token character anywhere in this entire series. All are multi-dimensional, richly drawn, vital, and each one serves at least a dual purpose. Even the cat. 

4. Setting/imagery/worldbuiling/kick ass writing. You can see the lights of the Manhattan skyline and smell the scent of crisp apples and night blooming flowers. You can feel the weight of the weapon in your hand, the bass thumping against the walls of the club, the pressure of the stele as it draws the rune on your skin, and the crack in your heart as it begins to break. Whether New York City or Idris, you are THERE.

*le sigh* 

5. The covers.

6. The fans. Y'all know I love the Mundie Moms. The blog, the forum, the women behind it all. With such an amazing fan base, how could the books be anything but spectacular? And I also love that the first time I met Victoria Schwab, we tried to talk about the series and neither of us could manage it without crying. Because we LOVE IT. 

7. Cassie. She's a doll. She is vigilant about interacting with fans. She answers questions frequently on Twitter, has a Google group that she's very actively involved in, and she blogs on Live Journal as well. You can get more information about how to connect with her on her website. 

8. The graphic novels! TH3RD WORLD will be publishing The Mortal Instruments as comic books in monthly installments first, then bind them together as graphic novels - one for each book. Savvy fans were treated to a sampler on Free Comic Book Day. Here's the cover from that sampler:

9. The Prequel. The Infernal Devices kicks off with CLOCKWORK ANGEL on August 31st. Come back next week to see the TEN REASONS I LOVED CLOCKWORK ANGEL! For now, here's the cover: 

10. BEST NEWS EVER: THERE ARE MORE ON THE WAY! Cassie announced last night that in addition to the already anticipated THE CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS, due out this spring, there will be two more books in The Mortal Instruments series, making the total six in all. The titles are:






  1. Love this post!!! The MI series is my favorite of all time and I absoultely loved Clockwork Angel. I am so thrilled that we all get to continue on with this world. *squeeeee*

  2. Okay, so I picked up these books a while ago and HOLY GIRAFFE I CANNOT BE MORE HAPPY WITH THE NEWS OF TWO NEW BOOKS OMGOMGOMG GAHH!!!!!!

    That is all.

  3. I just read the first three MI books in the last year or so -- starting off somewhat dubious as I usually am about really popular books (I was the same with Harry Potter) but then falling head-over-heels into them. I love that Clary feels like a real girl and has actual interests and cares about people beyond the hot love interest (though that part is nice too, heh). But I think my favorite part of them is #3 -- I just love all the characters, and would be happy spending more time with any of them. In fact I think it's the main reason I was compelled to keep reading the series. And it's inspired me to strive for more of that in my own writing.

    Oh! And the other thing I love: the ending of COG. It tied up stuff that needed it, satisfied me emotionally, but also felt honest and natural. There are a lot of books that I love, where the ending either doesn't satisfy, or feels too pat. COG was just right!

    Very excited for the future books! And thank you for giving me an excuse to fangirl over the first ones!

  4. And we love you too! Thank you so much for making us part of your awesome post! I completely agree with all your reasons!!! Cassie is brilliant and hilarious and one of those all around fun people to be around. I think her personality shows in some of her characters.

    YAY for lots more books! I couldn't be happier. I'm so excited to see what happens with my favorite characters.... good and bad (I hope not too bad, as in Jace and Clary need to stay together).

  5. I have to pick up this series - it looks so good! :)

  6. Love your post and I agree with all the reasons 100% I love TMI and I'm soooo excited that there will be more books!!! *squeeeeeee* =D

  7. Very cool. I must admit that I started CITY OF BONES and never finished it. I must get it again, I can tell. Great review!

  8. Y'all - Compared to the rest of the series, the first half of City of Bones is slow - but SERIOUSLY. SERIOUSLY. YOU HAVE TO READ IT. I gave you ten reasons but there are so many more. It's under ten bucks in paperback for the first two, and the third one just came out in paperback, AND it has the first chapters of CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and CLOCKWORK ANGEL. Totally original world. You'll be hooked. I'll stop now.


  9. Don't smack me, but I own these and I haven't read them yet. I bought them with good intensions, but those damn Free ARCs get in the way! LOL MUST.READ.SOON.

  10. Downloaded a sample of book 1 to my nook a few days ago. I only managed to read a few pages, but I'm much more excited for Clockwork Angels, since it's more historical.

    Thanks for your recommendation. I'll have to finish the sample soon!

  11. Okay you will find this really shocking but this is my first encounter with any one raving about the Mortal Instruments. Then again, I never paid attention to the Vampire Academy books either (surely a Twilight knock-off, I assumed) until one blogger buddy did a rave post one them. So now I'm intrigued. I also noticed they are stocked in Walmart (I live in a very small podunk, where only best sellers reach the racks at Walmart). Thanks for the rave!

  12. I adore you for enumerating all the right reasons for loving Cassie's writing!!! (((hugs))) And oh yes, to the there will be more!!!!

  13. Okay, your reviewing/hyping skills totally put mine to shame. Excellent list. Well done you!

  14. I haven't read this series yet, but you've totally convinced me. Next Amazon voucher, I'm totally buying!

  15. I can't wait for all the new books! I am absolutely obsessed with Jace, and the writing is spectacular. Yay!


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