Writerly Snack

This is so freaking accurate I kinda wanna cry.

Grab your spoon and pull up a chair.

Myra McEntire's Result: Pint of Ben and Jerry’s. And a spoon.
on quiz: What Kind of Writerly Snack Are You?
Who: Thrill-seekers and riders on the emotional roller coaster.

When: Just after OMG TOTALLY AMAZING NEWS!!!!! comes or just
after omgthissucksmycareerisoverbeforeitbegansob! News.

Why: It’s cool. It’s creamy. It’s fatty and science tells us
we love fat. It’s a throwback to birthdays of our childhood and celebrations
with confetti and streamers. Or it’s comfort, a cuddle, the body settling in
for the metaphorical cold, dreary onslaught of publishing winter. And because
it comes in a convenient single serving size. Adorable! Right?
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  1. I think I'm the only one in publishing not in love with Twizzlers or cupcakes. Sigh.

  2. Oh, man, now I want ice cream..! D:

    So now the real question is, what flavor would you wanna be?

  3. Awesome. And it was a very scientific quiz, you know. :P

  4. Yummmmm, yes what KIND of ice cream are you??

    That is a whole other quiz :)

  5. I'm cupcakes, apparently. Very appropriate.

    Go, Frosting! The sweeter the better.


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