SISTERS RED: A Fairy Tale Retelling

I must have picked this book up and re-read the ending at least seven times. And every single time? Tears. BUCKETS.

Scarlett March is a vividly drawn, innately strong, and yet a still flawed female heroine. She's fighting against the sorrows of her past, determined not to let them bleed into her future. She's tough on the outside, maybe a little scary even, but there's a whole mess of broken behind the outer facade.

Read more of my review of SISTERS RED at YABC here.

Way to go, Jackson Pearce.


  1. LOVED this book. It kept me hooked until the end, and Scarlett is such an impressive character. I can't wait to read more Jackson Pearce!

  2. This is another one I've been dying to get my hands on! There are so many great books out there!

  3. This book looks so good! I've been dying to get my hands on it! Now that you've told me how powerful the ending is, I MUST read it!

  4. I've got this book. Just waiting to finish up the one I'm reading, then I can dive in. I'll get my tissues ready. :)


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