Say Howdy to The Bookanistas!

I have to give a heads up to my dear readers - I'm going to be M.I.A. over the next few weeks. 

Why, you ask? 


It is glorious, and more on this later. Luckily, I have Friday in the Fort interviews scheduled through October, and now I'm part of a new group, THE BOOKANISTAS. Read more about them, courtesy of these lovely paragraphs by Shelli Johannes-Wells: 

Today is the launch day of a group of new book review bloggers - The Bookanistas: Books are the New Black. We are a group of writers - in various stages of the publishing process – who have decided to band together and review the special books of our peers. We – as fellow writers – have decided to only post positive reviews. We're only reviewing the books we LOVE. No negative reviews here!

The Bookanistas give nothing but love!

Starting today, we will post reviews every Thursday that cover various topics – upcoming ARCs, books we love, special diamonds in the rough, classics, and even cover reviews. This badge represents our group - here's a list: Christina Fonseca, Jamie Harrington, Michelle Hodkin, Kirsten Hubbard, Shelli Johannes-Wells, Elana Johnson, Myra McEntire, Shannon Messenger, Carolina Valdez Miller, Coli Pinnell, Beth Revis, Lisa and Laura Roecker, Sarah Frances and Katie (Plot This), and Scott Tracey.

The Bookanistas think books are the best accessory. If you would like one of us to review your book or ARC, feel free to contact me and we will add it to our list.

Here are the reviews for today!


  1. Wow, well since I already greatly respect so many of you Bookanistas I'll have to check in and see what you all recommend from time to time. Because, you know, my TBR list only takes up half the house...

  2. Good luck with the revision letter, Myra!


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