Friday in the Fort ...

... is on hiatus this week as I finish up edits. My deadline is SUNDAY.

I'm pretending I'm here.

Not here. 

But I'm really here. And no, that's not Nick Nolte's mug shot.* 


*This is your hair, on editing.


  1. Oh dear. CJ needs to send lemon bars.

  2. I bore witness to that lovely edit hair!

    You will get there.

    This book is wonderful.

    I want Kaleb.

  3. You can doooo eeeeeet! *root root root*

    Étouffée is in the pot.

  4. We LOVE you...crazyhairedbrainysnarky...you...go get those edits. Also...please be kind to some of us who are Team *whispers* YouKnowWho.

  5. *snorts* Oh if only you could post the picture that made you have that reaction. ROTFL!

    If you ended up on a beach like the picture in the middle, I'd have to send in Mr Cannonball to save you.

    We miss you, but we can not wait to read this amazing book!!! The end is in site and before you know it, we'll be chatting about your published book, sitting on a beach, enjoy the breeze and not doing a single thing but relaxing!

  6. LOL you are so much braver than I am!

  7. Thanks for stepping up and being my Tennessee representative Myra!! I'm so close now!!!

    And that picture....a perfect depiction of what editing feels like!!!! :)

  8. I love the first picture, the second one not so much. You're hair on editing, that is awesome! So true! That picture kind of exemplifies exactly how that feels!


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