Friday in the Fort with Maggie Stiefvater

Okay, if you've been here, like, ever, you know that I am a huge, HUGE fan of Maggie Stiefvater, for lots and lots of reasons. 

Seems I'm not alone, as LINGER, the second book in The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, just debuted at number one on the New York Times Bestseller List!!! WHOOO HOOO! Congrats, Maggie! If you'd like to read my VERY SPOILERY review for LINGER over at Young Adults Book Central, click here. 

Today, we welcome Maggie to The Fort!

Read her interview, and then see below to enter to win a copy of the UNITED KINGDOM edition of LINGER!

Favorite comfort food?
My go-to food for life is cookie dough. With lots of brown sugar. Depressed? Cookie dough. Happy? Cookie dough. Excited? cookie dough.

Favorite game (think snowy, below wind chill day)?
Snowy days? You mean, like every day we've had since before Christmas? (Myra Note: Maggie did this interview in February. It was cold. I wish it still was. Carry on.) I'm a solitary animal. I like to read when left to my own devices, but I'm sort of wicked at Scrabble. Favorite word in recent memory? BROADSWORD, formed over two turns.
Fleece, flannel, chenille or Snuggie?
Flannel. I had a flannel blanket named Blankie when I was a kid. 

If Snuggie, what color?
I like everything black. A black Snuggie. That sounds cozy.

Fluffy socks or slippers?
Slippers are for spiders to hide in. Fluffy socks are okay. Barefoot is how I'm answering this interview. 

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
I am like those animals that changes their pelt to go with the seasons. When it's cold, Hot tea. Tablespoon of sugar, quarter inch o'milk. When it's warm, pitchers and pitchers of sweet tea.

Ghost story or Truth or Dare?
Ghost story, all the way. 

Truth? Or dare?
The two, my dear Myra, are not mutually exclusive. 

What singer/musician/band is a must have for the fort soundtrack?
In the efforts of mutual friendship, the Beatles, because everyone likes the Beatles. For me, Of Montreal and some Lunasa.

What movie would you bring to watch?
Danny Deckchair.

Who's the ideal male mascot for the fort and why?
I'm not currently shopping for a male mascot, as I have Lover who fulfills all male mascot properties. I'm not against other people bringing in male mascots however. 

Marshmallows, lightly toasted or burned to a crisp?
Lightly toasted. Why burn perfectly good food?

Awake all night or first one to sleep?
First to sleep. All of my super powers disappear if I haven't gotten eight hours of sleep.
If awake all night, practical joke or no?
Yes. Extremely involved photo shoot involving household items.

If you could have any YA author visit the fort and tell stories, who would it be and what story would you ask them to tell?
Jackson Pearce. She could tell any story she likes and still be amusing.

Thanks for visiting! Let's celebrate Maggie's most excellent news! I know! I'll give away a prize!

*is slightly delirious from editing, begs forgiveness*

Fill out the form below to enter to win THE UNITED KINGDOM version of LINGER (pictured to the left)!

After all my revisions are turned in next week I'll do a Contest Clean Up Post. I solemnly swear!

If I'm still living.


  1. I loved Shiver when it first came out - and then my librarian was able to set up a skype chat with Maggie and I kinda sorta developed a major author crush on her too. I loved reading this. :P

  2. I was lucky enough to win an arc of Linger. The best prize ever! I'm a big Maggie fan, and I'm not surprised she's number 1 on the NY Times list. I didn't add you on good reads, but you are on my to buy list. People I love love you, and that's good enough for me.

  3. Shiver's always been my favorite book, so I was naturally extremely stoked for Linger to come. Not to mention my enhanced love for all things Maggie Stiefvater. She's so artful and creative and laid-back, and I just find her very cool :D

    Sweet tea is my drink of choice during Summer, slippers ARE for spiders (seriously, I found one) and it may or may not sadden me that she didn't pick a male mascot, if only because I always comment about the moscot choices.

    That cover is stunning!

  4. Ugh, Maggie Stiefvater is a genius. I bawled when reading BOTH Shiver and Linger. I was so excited when she posted the sheetmusic of The Golden Woods, the song she composed for the Shiver trailer!

    Debuting at #1 on the NY Times bestseller? She toootally deserved that. Man, it's a good book.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the UK edition! I love the cover. Really, I love all the foreign editions. Gorgeousness!

  5. Linger is amazing. I can't same enough about the way in which Maggie wrote it. I love this giveaway as I went to buy the UK edition of Linger of The Book Despository and they're out. THANK YOU for this wonderful giveaway.

    I can't wait to meet Maggie next week in Austin. What a wonderful friday in the fort!!

  6. I loved Shiver but I didn't get to read Linger yet. = [

  7. Yay - another fan of bare feet! :)

    I really enjoyed Shiver and can't wait to read Linger - awesome!

  8. Yeah!! I want to read this book so bad! I might go see Maggie next week when she's signing locally.

  9. HOORAY MAGGIE FOR DEBUTING AT #1! I loved SHIVER and I can't wait to read LINGER. I too am a lover of cookie dough. Really wish I had some right now, in fact.

  10. Congrats to Maggie for debuting at #1! Loved this interview. I like how she said truth or dare wasn't mutually exclusive! Too true!

    Thanks for the contest!

  11. Great interview. Really looking forward to picking up a copy of Linger.

  12. Love your Friday in the Forts!
    I loved Shiver and can't wait to read Linger! Maggie rocks!

  13. Awesome interview, Maggie actually rocks even more than I imagined. Another lover of the color black, sweet! I loved SHIVER and can't wait to read LINGER! Congrats Maggie for hitting the #1 spot so quickly!


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