How I Feel About Branding

Maureen Johnson totally stole my thunder.

I'd spent three days talking about social media with other writerly friends and I had an excellent post in my head. It had METAPHORS and everything. And then, on the very day I'd planned to blog about it ... Freakin' Maureen "Twitter Boss" Johnson posted her Manifesto, which you can find here.

I'll wait for her brilliance to wear off, and then I'll put up my post. It should be approximately 1/27th as brilliant. But I did have one thing planned she DID NOT offer, and it's a visual example. Fat Bastard feels the same way I do about branding.

Analysis: It's like carrots and throw up.

Everybody likes their own brand ...  and it's magic.

More on this later. 

Freakin' Maureen Johnson. 

(WARNING: Bad words! And general grossness.)


  1. Gotta love that Bastard. Maureen's post was incredible, thought so when she posted it, thought so now. So that says your pretty good too, if you think alike, right?

  2. loool EWWWWWW

    on another note: can't wait for your post! :D

  3. It must have been something in the air. I'd just posted a blog that was about 1/127 as good as Maureen Johnson's, but, you guessed it, on branding.

    Mmmm after reading Ms Johnson's, maybe I should say branding-light.

    I'm looking forward to reading yours.


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