This Is My Tribe

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with my friend, Alicia. We were discussing the way our lives were shifting, and I mentioned how so many of those I consider friends are people I've never actually laid eyes on. I questioned the authenticity of these relationships out loud to Alicia, and she responded by saying ...

"Of course they're authentic. It feels weird because your tribe is changing." 

Allow my inner sociologist to geek out for a sec. 

This article about Seth Godin, author of TRIBES, claims that "lasting and substantive change can be best effected by a group of people connected to each other, to a leader and to an idea." 

The Urban Dictionary defines tribe a few ways. Here are two: "Any group of people with a common intentity, traits or interests. A person may feel at home in many tribes," and my favorite, "Close friends, group of people who are loyal to you, care for you like family."

So I've been turning this over and over, thinking about the paradigm shift of my relationships. 

Then the floods came. Friends who are close geographically saw the devastation. My friends who aren't, did not ... because they didn't know. Yet they listened when I and other middle Tennesseans shared the sad news and protested on Twitter. "Where's the media coverage?" we asked.

"Where's the media coverage?" they asked. And then they asked major media outlets. They asked celebrities. They made loud, loud noises that echoed across the internet.

Agents and publishers in New York city. Moms in California, Texas, and Nevada. Writers and bloggers from all over the globe. Coming together to draw attention to a need, because we asked.

I thought: This is my tribe. 

Then Victoria Schwab and Amanda Morgan kicked around the idea for an auction and asked me to be a part of it. We put out a call for donations and continue to be completely overwhelmed with the generosity of the publishing community.

I thought: This is my tribe. 

The auction has been promoted in some surprising places. GalleyCat, School Library Journal, the Official Twilight Saga Facebook page. Authors - rock star authors - tweeted and retweeted. Fansites like the Twilight Lexicon and the Mundie Moms jumped in to help spread the word.

And again I thought: This is my tribe.

My agent donated. Other agents donated. Authors from my publishing house donated. Authors from other houses donated. Book bloggers clamored to help. Pre-published writers spread the word on Absolute Write, Verla Kay boards, Backspace ....

At this point, my tribe made me cry.

I can never say thank you enough. Not just for the donation of your time, energy and goods, but because you all have proven this to me over the past few days:

Tribes are close friends, group of people who are loyal to you ... care for you like family.

Thanks for letting me be part of your tribe. 

Thanks for being part of mine.


  1. What a fantastic post. I love the definiton of TRIBE - thanks

  2. Excellent food for thought. So many of 'real life' friends don't get my online friendships. Wonderful perspective!

  3. I LOVE our TRIBE! What an excellent definition of tribe. Thank you for allowing us to be in yours! :D

  4. What a beautiful post, Myra. Thank you.

  5. Yea! Great post and so glad you've had a great response to the cause.

    Thinking of all near or in Nashville.

  6. Beautiful post and superb effort to help Nashville.
    Sometimes I think of the blogging community of writers like the old-fashioned pen pals who wrote to someone on the other side of the world, someone they would never meet in person and developed life-long friendship anyway. It's a meeting of the mind, not the body.

  7. You are the emissary of awesome for bringing all these great causes such recognition and helping make others aware of what they can do. No wonder you have such a wonderful tribe! ;)

  8. As always, you rock, baby girl!

  9. Thanks for this post - I'd been wondering the other day where my people had gone, and realized most of them were online. This feels very validating, because I worried that made me... wrong somehow. :)

  10. Great post Myra - and a great definition of a tribe!

  11. You are so wonderful! We are honored to have you as a wonderful friend.

    Can BB be our Tribe's mascot?! LOL *kidding* :D

  12. Ah, you made me tear-up. This is an awesome post and what a testiment not only to your tribe but to you.

    Thank you.

  13. So beautiful, Myra. You're a gem.

  14. And this post made me cry; yes. It's a good tribe to belong to...

  15. Awesome post, Myra. And you know what? I'm proud to count the writing community as my tribe, too. We take care of each other, don't we? And I believe we would both agree that Nashville is one darn good tribe to be a part of, too. :)


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