A Book Birthday and CUPCAKES

I absolutely adore Lisa Mantchev.

She's one of the first authors I "met" on Twitter, and if anyone has ever translated the absolute gooey goodness and saucy sassiness of their own personality in 140 characters or less better than she - well, I just don't think anyone has.

ALSO? She taught me the words "teh awesomesauce" and for that I'll be forever grateful.

Today is the birthday of the second book in her Theatre Illuminata series. It all began with EYES LIKE STARS and today readers can (and should) get thee (thee-selves?) to bookstores to buy Act II, PERCHANCE TO DREAM. I'll be celebrating by reading on the beach and making a very special cupcake. Look for my review (and a pic of said cupcake) later this week. You can celebrate along with Lisa by participating in the very first #cupcakeathon - see details here.

Because Lisa is a tremendously good sport, she's agreed to a little contest here on the blog. If you don't know, Lisa has a bean in the pot. A fish in the pond. A cupcake in the oven.


So whichever blog follower/commenter provides the very best, most inventive, catchiest, cutest baby name in the comments will win an ARC of PERCHANCE TO DREAM along with a cupcake prize pack, consisting of a cupcake candle, bookmark, notepad, pencils and any other cupcake items I can uncover.

In the meantime, I'm off to find out what Bertie and the fairies - Peaseblossom, Moth, Cobweb and Mustardseed - have been up to for the past year.

I can bet it will have been yummy, yummy trouble.

Speaking of yummy? #TeamNATE


  1. I like the name Carmina Elle, which translates to song of the beautiful fairy. (seemed appropriate)

    Have a great day!

  2. Ariel "Sprinkles" Mantchev.

    Seemed appropriate! ;-)

  3. so its a baby boy congrats!!

    ok here i go

    Blake?.. Ace? think they sound pretty cool :D

  4. Percy Thomas Drew
    Perchance To Dream

  5. I like the name Chess. How many people do you know named Chess?
    Chess (Enter family name here.)

  6. I love Lily. And I just read a fantastic name in a recent book I read: Caitrina

    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  7. Lincoln Turner.

    You know you like it...


  8. I love the name Bishop for a boy. But then, I'm also a Rhys (or Reece) girl, mostly because I still have a crush on Terminator's KYLE REECE :-)

  9. How fun! I'm so excited to go pick up Perchance To Dream and read it.

    I like Chance Thomas Rêve -which is using a cute name from the title Perchance To Dream

    (Rêve is dream in French and dream's original origin meant joy, gladness, which having a boy is joy and gladness)

    Enjoy reading and eating your cupcake at the beach! *I'll be there soon w/ Sophie* lol


  10. for a girl: Winter

    for a boy: Vaughn

  11. *snert* I love it! (I'll even forgive you for being #TeamNate

    And hmm....baby names. That's a tough one. I'm thinking it needs to somehow be sweets related, so maybe:

    Sug? (hehe, he could be a little rapper)

    Oh man, if she were to name him any of those he'd probably track me down and kill me later. :)

  12. You could go traditional and go with William (hello, super Shakespeare fan, right?)

  13. I like Faye, which means Fairy, Ella which is cute and means Elfin, and I *love* Aurora because it just sounds so..so..magical! :)

    And Tansy is quite pretty: it's a flower, less 'teasable' than Pansy, and it means Immortal (!) :(

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  15. i like the name madison, for either boy or girl.


  16. I'm all about Link lately. Could be short for Lincoln or just Link. Like in Hairspray. *swoon*

  17. I'm guessing it's a boy? Quinn or Gabriel!

  18. OK I have put some serious thought into this so here are some ideas:

    Brayden Rhys

    Tristan Daire

    And to have PTD name:

    Paxton Tate Dylan

  19. Clearly the wee buccaneer needs a fine name what'll strike fear in the hearts of t'other pirate babies...Leonidas Barbosa Mantchev.

    CAPTAIN Leonidas Barbosa Mantchev.

    *grin* Arrrr.


  20. Aven soleil Manchtev


  21. I like the name Deacon ;)

    (congratulations to Lisa!)

  22. If Lisa's baby is going to hang in the Theatre, he's going to need a name that will work in the fairy and human worlds. What about Coriander? It goes well with the nature-based names of his future playmates (Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed, natch), and in human circles he could just go by Andy.

    Yeah, I put way too much thought into this stuff.

    Congratulations, Lisa, on your book birthday!!!

  23. DRIZZLE! Haha. Hmm... Or Jace, Blaze, Oliver, Brendon, Leon...

  24. Happy book birthday to Perchance to Dream!

  25. I vote for Zephyr Astraeus.

    Why Zephyr Astraeus?
    1. In honor of #TeamAriel! :)
    2. Boys of any age can wreak hurricane-like havoc on a house in a matter of seconds, so a powerful wind name seems appropriate.
    3. Being named after mythological characters should help him fit in around the Theatre Illuminata.
    4. There simply are not enough children with Z names! You could help restore balance to the alphabet by making excellent use of an under-appreciated letter.
    5. He will always have an easy time locating his name on alphabetical lists & will grow up to be an extremely patient person after many years of having his name called last in all roll call situations. ;)

  26. So it's a boy, right? Hmm... let me think...

    I really like the name Keenan. Or Taymen. Or Alec. They're all some of my favorites :)

    Congrats to her on the baby! And yay for the book!


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