Win HOURGLASS Inspired Jewelry from FIRE AND ICE

Oh my word y'all, my sweet friend Heather at Fire and Ice made jewelry inspired by HOURGLASS!

This is seriously the coolest thing ever. It's surreal that a book can live in your head for months and months, and then it begins making its way into the world little by little, and then someone makes JEWELRY to celebrate it. Crazy with a side of sauce!

I interviewed Heather in The Fort a while back, you can read that interview here. She has an amazingly cool ETSY shop and most of the items in it are inspired by Young Adult novels. Truly a genius idea - to have something tangible to remind readers of books we love.

Now there are HOURGLASS items. PLURAL. And Heather is giving away an HOURGLASS toy charm! LOOK!

The contest ends May 1st, so head over to her blog and enter to win if you'd like, and make sure you check out her ETSY shop.

Thank you so much Heather, and what an awesome surprise!!!

(PS - I ordered the necklace at the top and got it last week, and I can attest to quick delivery and excellent quality.)


  1. Beautiful, will definitely have to check out the Etsy store. More people should make YA inspired things...

  2. Wow. Beautiful. She's really talented.

  3. AHHHH! Thanks so much for posting this!


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