Friday in the Fort with Lisa Mantchev

I maybe kind of overbooked/mixed up some interview dates (this place is where the cool kids want to hang out, yo!) and the most awesome Lisa Mantchev let me reschedule her visit to The Fort. However, in retribution, she DID put a dead fish in my sleeping bag. I've cleaned it out and sufficiently sprayed Lysol and fired up some yummy cupcake candles, so don't be afraid to visit.  Unless you fear the wayward fairies from Lisa's books. Because they are tricksy and prone to mischief. 

*looks over shoulder* *whispers* 

Find out what I'm talking about by visiting here: http://www.theatre-illuminata.com/

*clears throat* *returns to normal speaking voice*

If you haven't read Lisa's debut, EYES LIKE STARS, I suggest  you rush out and buy the brand spanking new paperback right now (or you could try to win one, see below) before PERCHANCE TO DREAM comes out next month. I'll have a contest to give away that ARC soon! 

Quick bio:
Lisa Mantchev is the author of Eyes Like Stars and the forthcoming Perchance To Dream, the first two novels in the Théâtre Illuminata series. She has also published numerous short stories in venues including Strange Horizons, Fantasy, Clarkesworld, and Weird Tales. She lives on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state with her husband, daughter, and hairy miscreant dogs.

And info on the book:
Perchance To Dream, the second novel in the Théâtre Illuminata trilogy, will be released May, 2010, continuing the adventures of Beatrice Shakespeare Smith and her fairy cohorts as they go on the road, determined to rescue Nate from the clutches of the Sea Goddess.

Now - heeeeeere's Lisa!!

Favorite comfort food?
Today it's mashed potatoes, biscuits, and gravy (the way my mom makes them, which usually goes with fried chicken. *argledroool*)

Favorite game (think summer, flashlight tag, Marco Polo)?
I loved Monopoly as a kid... something about handling all that paper money filled me with glee.

Sun worshipper, spray tan or SPF 50?
SPF 50, plus hat and parasol, because I freckle, then crisp. My mom is a redhead and has been coping with skin cancer for years, so I don't like getting any color at all.

Beach or lake? Boat or shore?
We live between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Lake Crescent, so I get to have both. I think I prefer sitting on the shore, although the one time I went out on a 40-foot wooden boat, it was exhilarating!

Air conditioning or open windows?
Open windows. It doesn't get any warmer than 75 degrees in summer at my house.

Favorite summer drink (lemonade, iced sweet tea, Kool Aid, be specific)?
Iced tea, no lemon or sugar, made with old school Lipton tea bags. 

Ghost story or Truth or Dare?
Ghost story!

Truth? Or dare?
Argh... truth. *a complete chicken*

What singer/musician/band is a must have for The Fort soundtrack?
I am so behind with music... I haven't listened to my iPod in ages, and the satellite radio at the office is set to easy listening. Can I bring my 78 rpm record player and we'll crank up the Glenn Miller Orchestra?


What movie would you bring to watch?
My new favorite is Sherlock Holmes... a close second is How To Train Your Dragon. *wants a Sherlock, a Watson, and a Night Fury!*

Who's the ideal male mascot for the fort and why?
Gerard Butler in a kilt. *does not need to explain that AT ALL*

Marshmallows, lightly toasted or burned to a crisp?
Medium brown on the outside and super-goo in the middle.

Awake all night or first one to sleep?
Awake all night... I'll yap everyone else into the floor. 

If awake all night, practical joke or no ?
I'm not a huge practical joker, although I've always wanted to try that string-and-honey thing that Sharon and Susan pulled in The Parent Trap. 

If you could have any YA author visit the fort and tell stories, who would it be and what story would you ask them to tell?
Let's grab Lewis Carroll and make him explain the whole raven and writing desk riddle, shall we?

Thank you muchly for visiting The Fort!!

To celebrate Lisa's visit (and the fact that she removed the dead fish from my sleeping bag - although she replaced it with squid and seaweed - fresh scent squid and seaweed, of course) , I'm giving away a brand new copy of EYES LIKE STARS along with a cupcake candle and bookmark! Just be a blog follower and leave a comment to win! (USA only, please!)


  1. Yum fish! I love Monopoly too! fabulous giveaway. This is on my wish list, but I have not read it yet. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Oh ghost stories with iced tea (of course, Lipton!), Glenn Miller and Gerard Butler (in a kilt!)...I'm signed up for this Summer Camp!!

  3. Sign me up for this camp too! I was lured in by the mention of Gerard Butler in a kilt and I'm glad I was because Lisa's books sound great! They are on my to buy list now.

  4. I just bought this book yesterday! It's been on my list for a while. Totally looking forward to reading it.

  5. OK, you had me with the covers, but then a Gerard Butler reference? I'm rushing out to get these books RIGHT NOW.

  6. Yummy...Gerard Butler in a kilt...
    Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, love the Parent Trap reference...always wanted to try something like that, but way too afraid of getting busted!

  7. I have been dying to read this book!


  8. Loved the whole fish in the sleeping bag, gross.. I would've thrown it away! & Gerard Butler looks great in anything! I wished it didn't get hotter than 75 degrees here in TX! =D

  9. Looks like a interesting read, and Love the cover!

    -blog follower


  10. I remember playing lots of board games as a kid, Monopoly among them. I kind of miss those days.


  11. You had me at "in a kilt"! Okay, that is not the full truth. You actually had me way before that at the mention of mashed potatoes - Yum! ;) Thank you to Lisa and Myra for providing another awesome Friday in the Fort! I adored Eyes Like Stars & can't wait to read Perchance to Dream!

  12. Fun interview! I'd love to enter!
    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  13. I have u on my "what to read" list. Can't wait!

  14. Love the Gerard Butler in a kilt!! So yummy:)
    email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

  15. These are going to the top of my TBR pile. Anyone who likes Gerard Butler (kilt or no kilt) must write the kind of YA I want to read.

  16. Fish in sleeping bag! Yuck! :P

    Great interview!

    I would love to read this, it's up in the YA Book Challenge being hosted by The Shady Glade, if it wins the first bracket, then it goes into round 2 and it will be judged by me!! Either way, can't wait to read it!!

    Thanks for the chance!

    Sherry S.

  17. I've wanted to read this for a while. Just haven't had a chance to pick it up.

  18. OMG Gerard just makes me want to swoon... please give me a fan or better yet call an ambulance. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Saw a tweet just a moment ago about your contest, and now I'm wondering how I've never been here before. Great interview! I've been dying to read Eyes Like Stars, but I haven't seen a copy of it anywhere around where I live. :( *fingers crossed* Thanks for the contest and the interview!!

  20. Great giveaway! Gerard Butler is so yummy looking. :D


  21. Lipton tea FTW! And ahhhh... Gerald Butler.... *heart goes pitter patter*

    I love the covers for these books; they're so pretty! Sign me up for the contest :D

  22. love the pic of gerald. 75 in the summer where do you live and do you need a roommate? lol

    great interview

    i'm a follower

  23. I blame a some friends of mine for my recent crush on Gerard. I'm surprised the fairies didn't pop in for some mischief.

  24. Am I too late???? I just saw your twitter update! I would love to win this!

  25. Cool giveaway. I've been wanting to read Eyes Like Stars for a long time.

  26. I'm a follower and would love to be included in the contest! Thanks for hosting with such fun prizes!

  27. Lisa is fabulously entertaining, as always. And I highly approve of her mascot.

  28. I want to visit your fort :) loved your inteview!


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