Friday in the Fort with Awesome Agent Holly Root

You might've noticed that it's impossible for me to reference my literary agent without putting the word AWESOME in front of her name.

That's because she IS.

My query process was quite the whirlwind, and I ended up having to make a choice. I knew I wanted to be represented by Awesome Agent Holly Root and Waxman Literary when she said the chemistry between Michael and Em was "molten lava holy cats."

That's just one reason. I'll share more agent love next month when we celebrate our one year anniversary.

For now, just enjoy the ... awesome ... that is Agent Holly.

Favorite comfort food?
Depends on the season, but miso soup is on up there. Is that weird? Am I still allowed in the fort?

Favorite game (think summer, flashlight tag, Marco Polo)?
Three-legged racing! I loves me some teamwork.

Sun worshipper, spray tan or SPF 50?
SPF 50, which is hilarious because I have my Portuguese grandma to thank for olive skin that actually tans very easily, but I am a very vigilant* so I over-SPF. (*="gigantic hypochondriac")

Beach or lake? Boat or shore?
Pool first, then beach over lake, but if lake is all I have then boat is a must. I don't care to swim where things live, in general. Fish don't come to my house and get up in my business, am I right? As a native Tennessean lakes are extra hard for me, on account of they turned up often in the news, in the context of "a dead body was pulled out of X Lake." And if I don't swim where things live, I fo' sure don't swim where dead things live.

Air conditioning or open windows?
Open windows. 

Favorite summer drink (lemonade, iced sweet tea, Kool Aid)?
Cucumber water! (Try it, it rules. Slice a cuke into a pitcher, add water, taste the awesome.)

Ghost story or Truth or Dare?
Truth or dare, always.

Truth? Or dare?

What singer/musician/band is a must have for The Fort soundtrack?
I will be bringing the Beyonce. Because you know at some point we are all going to have wacky hair and inappropriate makeup and That. Means. Beyonce.

What movie would you bring to watch?
You've Got Mail.

Who's the ideal male mascot for the fort and why?
NPH! Funny, adorable, and he would probably be kind to me when I told him he was my only, ever, seriously-I'm-not-kidding-yes-I-married-an-actor-I-do-see-the-irony celeb crush, circa Doogie Howser.

Marshmallows, lightly toasted or burned to a crisp?
Lightly toasted. 

Awake all night or first one to sleep?
First one to sleep.

If you could have any YA author visit the fort and tell stories, who would it be and what story would you ask them to tell?
I would ask Suzanne Collins to come, but she could kick back and eat bonbons while we fought our own less-deadly, more-hilarity-filled Hunger Games over the ms to Mockingjay. (I would win, clearly, as I have been working on snares and have crafted a very compelling and entirely faux personal narrative.)

Thank you muchly for visiting The Fort!!

And because Awesome Agent Holly is so awesome she's going to give away a copy of Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy!

Thanks, Holly! (Isn't she .......... awesome?)

To win, be a follower of this blog and comment below!


  1. I sooo love You've Got Mail. It's my go to movie...
    "You think this machine's your friend but it's not"

  2. I quite agree. Holly is The Awesome. Excellent interview with her. (Have we formally virtually met? I'm an agent-mate, and just the phrase "time slip romance" has me anxious to read your book.)

  3. Holly is awesome (and super cute). She must look for that in her clients as well. ;)

    Now I'm off to make some cucumber water, mmmm.

    Great interview!

  4. UM awesome interview. :) I totally agree with Holly that you should not swim where things live. Though I'm afraid I'd have to fight her over MOCKINGJAY. I've been practicing with forks, since they double as mini-tridents. BRING IT ON!

    <3 :)

    PS - no enter me in contest. i'm buying it. :)

  5. I love that you love your agent so much, that is~dare I say~awesome! She sounds like she's worthy of such love :) Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see why you love her so much!

  6. Great interview, and yes, Holly IS truly awesome! Her interviews are always ha-larious, and yet, she managed to make me walk away wondering...maybe I shouldn't swim in a lake anymore?

  7. Yay! Great interview, and I would love to read TCS! :)

  8. Inland lakes freak me out too. But Lake Michigan? *sigh* Love love love. It's all the allure of the ocean (shipwrecks, legends, buried treasure, mystery) without the salt, sharks, murderous urchins, hurricanes...you get the idea.

    Miso soup is totally comforting. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

    I've yet to win a MyraMac contest so here's hoping this is the one. I've been waiting patiently for CINDERELLA SOCIETY -- I even have a countdown widget on my blog! *picks a dandelion* *closes eyes* *blows* *makes a WISH*

  9. oh this was such an ADORABLE interview.

    i loved it!! great questions, Myra! thanks so much for sharing!! holly is a doll! :D

  10. MISO SOUP FTW!! Yummy! And yes, Agent Holly is all things awesome (as is THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY! Congrats to whoever wins it! LOVED!!)

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  12. Yup Myra,I agree Holly is awesome and the interview is awesome too!And it's so sweet that you love her so much!
    I have been waiting for my very own copy of Cinderella Society and I hope I win this!Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  14. Holly is awesomely awesome! (Just like my Awesome Agent!) And, I agree - pools with chlorine - best place to swim. (A very warm ocean in the Caribbean is a close 2nd.)

  15. OMG Holly likes miso soup AND cucumber water? Um, slight chance that I have a small crush on your awesome agent. Because I happen to love those things TOO.

  16. I love your Friday in the Fort segments!! Thank you so much for this contest. I have been really really wanting to read this:)
    email bangersis(at)msn(dot)com

  17. I love the answers. Or rather the explanations of some of the answers. I really need to read The Cinderella Society!

  18. Thanks for this awesome interview!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  19. Great interview. Been dying to read TCS, sounds like a really great book, thanks for the giveaway!

    -Blog follower

    van p.

  20. Enjoyed this interview and the one with Kay Cassidy.
    Think I'll try cucumber water this weekend :)

  21. Yeah, so, I pretty much love you both. Great interview!!

  22. Thank you for the great interview! And thank you for the awesome giveaway! I so look forward to read this book! It sounds amazing! Thank you for this chance!

    Giada M

    fabgiada @ gmail.com

  23. What a very interesting and fun interview! Great questions!
    TCS is something I've wanted to read for a long time.
    I'm a blog follower.


  24. Awesome interview - I'll definitely have to try cucumber water sometime :)

  25. I love it when people get along so well! Thanks for the fun interview. :)

    New follower.
    Thanks for the contest!
    neohippy10 hotmail

  26. What a fun interview! That Doogie version of NPH was the first boy I ever got tingly over. And he still does it for me! ;-)

  27. Great interview. I wonder how many people would fight over a copy of Mockingjay.

  28. Wow thank you for interveiwing Holly Root! And the book she giving away so awsome! Yeah like using that word too.

  29. Wow thank you for interveiwing Holly Root! And the book she giving away so awsome! Yeah like using that word too.

  30. I love cucumber water! I've never actually seen someone else say they even drink it! Fun interview and TCS sounds good, too. LOL about the lakes. There was a lake near my husband's school in Echo Park that they would dredge once a month to check for bodies. So when we saw it featured in a movie and the people were walking around it at night as if it were a lovely, romantic place, we just died laughing. If they only knew...!

  31. Mmm, lightly toasted marshmallows are the best. I feel the need for a bonefire coming on...

  32. I am meeting Suzanne Collins this week at the Texas Library Association conference. I am over the moon!

    Loved your interview...very funny!



  33. Love the answers here! Some made me smile.



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