Contest Clean Up, Late Edition and a Tiny Review

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed The Fort interview with Alison at Egmont!

Because I adore her and I wanted to see what kind of books she's working on, I did a quick read of one of her book babies. This is the email I sent her after I finished THINGS I KNOW ABOUT LOVE by Kate le Vann.

"Remember how, in The Prisoner of Azkaban movie, Buckbeak attacks Draco and he falls to the ground and whimpers, "It's killed me, it's killed me." 


That's what Things I Know About Love did to me.


So I kinda had to skim the middle, because I couldn't emotionally invest in Livia and Adam (without fearing heartbreak). But somehow I did it anyway, because that freaking voice JUMPS off the page. Livia lives and breathes from the first second we meet her.

I don't DO contemporary. I don't DO bittersweet. This one is getting recommended to everyone who does. HIGHLY.


As a matter of fact, a large part of this email might just go into Monday's post."

And a large part of it did. Except it's Tuesday. But that's my fault. 

So congratulations to these winners:

The winner of THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES, SIREN, RAISED BY WOLVES and the bittersweet and the highly recommended (even though I really don't do bittersweet and contemporary!) THINGS I KNOW ABOUT LOVE from Alison and EGMONT USA:


Contact me with your addresses, and congratulations!

Another Fort Interview and giveaway coming Friday!



  1. When you tell me it will break my heart I CAN'T read it! My heart can't take it anymore, Myra. I think I've cried more over fictional characters than I ever have over real life.

  2. JEM, I never thought of that. Crying more over fictional characters than real ones... !
    Congrats to the winners, and another book I'm going to have to add to my to read list along with a box of Kleenex to my grocery list.

  3. Woot!!!!! Yay!! I can't wait to get my stash! Thanks, Alison and Myra!


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