Charlie Bewley Bossed Me

So, you know how sometimes you have trouble coming up with characters?

I spent this past Sunday writing and such. My NEW MOON Blu-Ray was playing in the background most of the day.

Shut up. Don't JUDGE me.

You might remember my short story from last week. Well ... it's not a short anymore. It's now a Work In Progress, with the blessing of Awesome Agent Holly. Now that it's ... grown ... I decided to do a little plotting.

I resolved quite a bit on paper and in my mind, but one of the plot points that was floating around when I went to sleep was the opposition/conflict for Dovey. It wasn't STRONG or BAD enough. As it sometimes does, I hoped something would come to me in the middle of the night. I even put a notebook, pencil and flashlight by the bed.

Turns out I didn't need the notebook. I remembered. Quite vividly.

THIS GUY, Charlie Bewley (Demetri in NEW MOON), waltzed into my dream and bossed me. BOSSED ME. Basically said, "Look no further. I am your romantic villain. And I bring conflict and PAIN." He then proceeded to place a crown on his head - off-center - and plopped down on a throne.

Then I had a very clear vision of a scene where he ... I'm not going to tell you, but he is EVIL. I think you'll like him, in that bad boy kind of way.

Now ... he just needs a name.


  1. Ooo--AWESOME. I did finish reading your short story (sadly I didn't comment on the other entries--#shannonfail) and I was hoping there would be more because it was wonderful. And now there's a superawesome (yes, that's one word in my book) evil villain to go with it???? I'm sold. Finish writing please so you can sell it, publish it, and I can read it in...ugh...2012?!?!? Hm. Is it too early to put in ARC requests?

  2. He definitely has that "bad boy" look to him!

  3. On the borders dvd it has a podcast with the extra footage and they interviewed him. He use to drive a cab before he became an actor. That's one cab I would spend all day in :)

  4. He does make a good villain... but I'm still gonna send the shin-kickin' elf his way for bossing you around.

    That's just ungentlemanly.

    But then again, I guess you liked it b/c you gave him the part he auditioned for...

  5. How about Charles Bueller for who he reminds you of!
    Or Chuck Bewlls. Or Chaz. Or Chuckie B. Or another name with CB with initials... :)

  6. I am oh so excited the short story is growing!!
    I'm not help with names. My children have boring names and every time I give a character a name I read 5 books with that name afterward.

  7. Read your short story and loved it. I'm sooooo glad that you're going to expand it to a book. Hope you share part of the journey with us.

  8. Have I mentioned how much I love him? Oh right, I think I did on twitter.

    But, but, you can't say he does something & that he's evil & then not tell me! I've decided I'm jeaolus of CJ, she doesn't have to wait to read your stuff.

  9. Sounds awesome! Hooray for the agent blessing on developing this into a novel! I'm so excited as I LOVED the shorts!

  10. Here's a name for you: Maléfico but you can call him Mal for short.

  11. He definitely has EVIL potential written all over him. Glad he stopped by to boss you around. ;-) Somehow in that particular photo he reminds me of a Percival or a Wilkes. Good luck in your search for the perfect villainous name. So excited to read more about Dovey.


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