Friday in the Fort with Heather Zahn Gardner and Fire and Ice

Welcome Heather Zahn Gardner from FIRE AND ICE PHOTO to The Fort!

BIO: Heather was born in Oakland, CA but grew up everywhere because her dad was in the military. Her love of books/journalism started in junior high. She received a BS in psychology from Brigham Young University, and she also fulfilled a year and a half mission for her church to Santiago, Chile. After working for the state as a social service worker, she became a stay at home mom in 2004 after her second child was born. To stay occupied, Heather took on photography, jewelry making, reading, and blogging, hence the birth of Fire and Ice. She also has four children ages six and under and wishes to someday own a hedgehog, travel the world and write a book. :)

SITE: Fire and Ice is a fan site she started with two Twilight look-a-likes. She toured Twilight conventions with them (and recorded a CD!) until "Edward" retired. Fire and Ice has now been transformed it into a place to highlight authors, artists, photographers and giveaways, specifically for the Young Adult genre.

(She has AMAZING features and giveaways at Fire and Ice, and her ETSY shop items are GORGEOUS. All relate to books by YA authors, from Cassie Clare to Bree Despain to Maggie Stiefvater and more.)

Favorite comfort food?
Fruit smoothies and funnel cake sticks

Favorite game (think snowy, below wind chill day)?
Stay in bed under the covers aka "hide (from the kids) and seek"

Fleece, flannel, chenille or Snuggie?
Fleece, designed ones form Target or Nick and Nora

If Snuggie, what color?

Fluffy socks or slippers?
Fluffy socks with cool patterns

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate with cinammon and whipped cream from Starbucks

Ghost story or Truth or Dare?
Ghost story

Truth? Or dare?

What singer/musician/band is a must have for The Fort soundtrack?

What movie would you bring to watch?
Pride and Prejudice- the older version with HOT Mr. Darcy

Who's the ideal male mascot for the fort and why?
Ash from Iron King, because he is after all a BinBons look alike

Marshmallows, lightly toasted or burned to a crisp?
Lightly toasted

Awake all night or first one to sleep?
First one to sleep--four children who wake up at the butt crack of dawn!

If awake all night, practical joke or no?
Nah, up reading a book I can't put down.

If you could have any YA author visit the fort and tell stories, who would it be and what story would you ask them to tell?
Maggie Stiefvater, celtic fairy story!

Heather – who is super sweet as well as talented – is going to give one lucky reader this steam punk inspired journal she created for Cassie Clare’s CLOCKWORK ANGEL (notice the clocks for time slip, *cough*). Just follow and comment below, and make sure you check out her etsy shop!

Tweet the link and let me know via @reply for an extra entry to win!


  1. I LURVE you! Thanks so much for this :) Love it.

  2. Love it!! Thank you Heather!! And yes, another BINBONS mention. After all, how could I NOT pop in on a Friday in the Fort??!??!

  3. awesome interview! love the journal!! and her blog is one of my favorites!!

  4. Sarah MacLachlan is one of my favorite singers. And the perfect pairing with Maggie Steifvater's celtic tales!

    Thanks for the fun interview :)

  5. YAY Heather! I was able to finally meet Heather in person at a Twilight convention I helped run this summer in Dallas, and let me tell you guys, she's amazing and such an awesome friend. I'm so excited she's in the fort!! I love that ASH is now in the fort. Right where he belongs. LOL Congratulations Heather and welcome to the fort!

  6. so pretty! thanks heather :)

  7. What gorgeous jewelry and journals! *wants one in the worst way*

    And there are funnel cake STICKS? *swoons*

  8. Thanks MMs, Sherrie, Van and CJ!!! And yes oh yes, funnel cake sticks at Burger King no less!

  9. Excellent interview! Hot chocolate, Ash, & Colin Firth? Sounds like another delicious Friday in the Fort! :)

  10. Cinnamon in your hot chocolate? Never tried it that way, I always get peppermint.

    I love the Etsy shop! There are a couple of things I'm dying to buy.


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