Favorite Things and A Giveaway

A few of my favorite things right now:

1. LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater. I haz it. Yes, six months early. Yes, that's a braggy type statement. I can't help it. Thank you to The Angel who put me on the list for the ARC! **Edit because I feel bad: Per Maggie's Twitter, she'll be holding a contest for a copy soon and I'll post details so you can try to win a copy of your own! I have to pass this one on!**

2. I just finished HEX HALL by Rachel Hawkins, an agent-mate and friend of mine. It is OMGWTHBBQ GOOD y'all. (I stole that acronym from Rachel. She brings the funny like no other.) I will review it shortly. Also, I will be GIVING IT AWAY next week!!

3. Corrine Bailey Rae released her second album, THE SEA, yesterday. It is magical, inspirational, sad and an exceptional follow up to her self-titled debut. If you aren't a CBR
fan yet, you can buy her debut on iTunes for $6.99.

4. Young Adult Books Central (the site for which I review) and its owner the Awesome Kimberly Pauley are now giving away a LOADED KINDLE EVERY MONTH. Go here for details.

5. FALLEN by Lauren Kate has received quite the buzz, and as I somehow ended up with two review copies, I'd like to give one away!

Enter by a) being a follower of this blog (click follow to the right) and b) commenting on this post about some of your favorite things! Tweet and make sure you @ reply me for an extra entry.

This contest is open to US residents only, because this is a hardback, not an ARC, and it is a big one!


  1. I'd say I hate you for having Linger, but I don't know you and hate is generic. So, I enviously disdain the fact that you have Linger.

  2. I do (kinda) know you and I totally hate you for having HEX HALL.

    However! I LOVE you for giving away a copy of Fallen--which I'm now going to enter for a chance to take off your hands! ;)

    Favorite things:

    Books that I have in my hands.
    Music that makes me bouncy happy.
    Burger King for breakfast!
    Multi-digit Daily Word Counts!
    Chatting with my favorite people--twitter/facebook/IM/whatever. :)

  3. I'm literally green with envy over Linger and Fallen. Do they make a foundation to cover that? LOL! Let's see, things I love. . . Great folks like you, fantastic YA books (Beautiful Creatures is at the top of that list right now since I'm currently devouring it), definitely any good story with werewolves in it, and YABC (young adult book central. Seriously guys, go check it out, it rocks!).

  4. Do not enter me in giveaway!
    I am squelching my jealousy.
    I so want to read Hex Hall & Linger.
    All the best,

  5. Wow, aren't you the lucky one with all these early copies of things! But just a warning, if you get the third Hunger Games early, DON'T tell us.

    I'd love to be entered to win Fallen. A few of my favorite things are:
    Books that make me cry


  6. Yay! My favorite things...my computer, books, anything with cherries in it. :)

  7. I also would love to entered to win fallen. One of my favorite thing....debut authors!

  8. I would LOVE LOVE to win Linger...yes I am insanely jealous. My fave things are our fireplace, warm clothes just out of the dryer and homemade toffee.

  9. I'm reading LINGER too now! People can hate us together! (I've never been so excited to score an ARC in my life.)

  10. So many good books you have! I would love to win any of those (pick me! pick me!). Favorite things for me...

    Mexican food (queso, tortillas...)
    Bad Weather days that cancel school
    Student Epiphanies
    Books I can't put down
    Less pounds on the scale! (rare if I eat too much Mexican)
    Blogs that keep me encouraged (like yours!)

    Have a great week, Myra! :) Thanks for sharing the giveaway love...

  11. I'm a follower!

    Some of my favorite things are:

    1. chocolate milk
    2. baking
    3. doggie hugs
    4. READING
    5. writing
    6. rainy days
    7. driving
    8. hanging out with my family

    Aww, I'm happy just thinking about my favorite things!

    whatinabox at gmail dot com

  12. I'm about as green as the cover of Linger right now. WANT!

    Favorite things:

    Hot cocoa
    Comfy couches
    Social networking

  13. Current favorite things:
    1) The generator that is arriving tomorrow to save me from the impending ice storm from hell.

    2) NCAA basketball

    3) Your mom.

    Just kidding about that third one. Not that she isn't lovely. I'm sure she's delightful.

    Maybe I should stop now.

  14. I suppose since I can't bribe you to pass on Linger...

    Favorite things: my snuggie, hot tea, puppy cuddles, and awesome novels I haven't had a chance to read yet. :cough: Hourglass :cough:

  15. You are amazing! I so need to finish reading Fallen. It's soo good.

    Stop SWOONING over HEX HALL! *snort laugh* I do love the swooning you and S are doing, even though it's killing me.

  16. Lucky you for getting those ARCs!! Lucky us that you are giving away Fallen...
    A few of my favorite things right now are:
    getting a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning (if Lil Kiwi lets me)
    These new frozen yogurt granola treats I got.
    Getting a moment to read
    My kids smiling faces and the not smiling faces when in trouble (they are too cute)
    yeah I know I mention coffee a few times but it is almost the only thing that keeps me going lately muhaaaa

  17. YOU'd be one of my fav things (people) if I won any of your giveaways. :)

    But some other fav things...
    my dogs, Disney World, reading and writing, dancing, flavored coffee, and traveling. :)

  18. Very cool list.

    Some of my favorite things:

    A good book.
    A cats purr.
    My family.
    Cake, anytime.

    I am a follower.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  19. My favorite things...oh man this could be a long list, but I'll just stick to the number 1 thing.

    I love books (duh). I really really really love books. I've always been an avid owner and reader of books, but lately is becoming a bit of an addiction. I filled a big tub yesterday with all the books I could find around my room. I couldn't believe how many there were. The best part is that they're only from the last 12 months. The rest of my books fill boxes in the garage. Oh man I can't wait till I move and have to unpack them all.

  20. Favorite things:

    Hot baths with Lavender
    A book I can get lost in
    Sleep, the kind where dreams abound

    I retweeted and follow :-)

  21. Since you have an extra copy of Fallen, I thought I would help you by entering the contest and hopefully taking it off your hands. My fingers are crossed.

    Things I love:

    Fuzzy blankets
    Fuzzy socks
    Reading (Hush Hush currently)
    Writing (wip is about a mindreader)

  22. I am a new follower of the blog and your twitter! I tweeted you @justhelibrarian and I am crossing my fingers in hope to win! :)

    My favorite things would be books(of course), music, food(hehe), and Dolcis Rosso- Red (fine wine)!

  23. Favorite things:

    Carmel & kettle popcorn
    Burritos & Chili
    Reading Romance (all kinds)
    Shopping Online
    Siberian Huskies
    Feather Pillows

    I am a follower and tweeted: http://twitter.com/IntenseWhisper/status/8328031044


  24. Favorite Things:

    1. The way the sky looks before the sun sets.

    2. A good book

    3. Writing

    4. Songs with beautiful lyrics.

    I follow you and here is my twitter account: http://twitter.com/ravenamo

  25. I like winning things! :)

    But seriously, I like....
    ....seeing my breath in the frigid air.
    ....belly laughing at a really funny joke.
    ....finding songs by obscure groups that make me tap my feet.
    ....Myra's blog.

  26. Favorite things:

    The glow of the moonlight on freshly fallen snow.
    Reading a book that is so good that you stay awake all night thinking about it.
    Rose petal baths.
    Kitty massages.
    A song that just demands to be played at the loudest volume possible. Followed by maniacal dancing. And singing along with it.
    and...awesome people like Myra.

  27. Linger, Fallen, AND Hex Hall?! Isn't that just a little too much awesome for one individual to handle? ;) Thanks for helping spread the love by hosting this fun giveaway! I just finished reading Lauren Kate's The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove & look forward to reading Fallen.

    Some of my favorite things:
    Coconut lime cupcakes
    Songs that give me goosebumps
    Reading with my daughters
    Spring rolls

    I am a follower & retweeted your contest post (@TheEagerReaders). :)

  28. I love comments, writing and reading. Reading good books. FALLEN looks awesome, especially the cover art. I think some of you are bribing the art department. Heeheehee.

  29. Some of my favorite things are writing, books, knitting, and my cats.

  30. AHHHHHH! I can't believe you have Linger! I am horribly jealous!!!!

  31. Oh, yeah. Some of my favorite things are:

    Books, Dogs, Anything Cookies 'n Cream, Pasta of all sorts, and loud music.

  32. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...oh, that one's already taken. Darn. Well, one of my fave things is The Sound of Music. Also coffee, and chocolate. A big fat doorstopper of a book along with a couch, blanket and roaring fire. A great day with the kids and hubby. Sunsets in Hawaii. Big snowstorms in the northeast. Need I continue? ...If you like pina coladas, and gettin' caught in the rain...

  33. some of my favorite things are:

    Movies, books, food, music, friends and family

    blog follower

    Van P.

  34. books, of course.

    im glad to be able to get a chance to win some fo these books


    i follow and twitter


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