I Got Nothin'

funny pictures of cats with captions

Today was a Mom Day, not a writing day. And, as always, Mom Day's include inappropriate stories about things my children do.

The Doodlebug was sitting beside his father and belched like a frat boy while DH was on a business call, and the Spider Monkey .... well. He met one of his father's business associates (I insisted this was a bad idea) and when the man asked about his brother, the Spider Monkey informed him that sometimes he kicked his brother.

In the nuts.

The joy of raising boys.

You will notice she shares my affinity for LOL Cats. Enjoy! ('Cause I got nothin'.)


  1. I about died laughing at that lolcat. I love reading your stories about what your kids did & so does my mom.
    Doesn't everyone love lolcats?

  2. I almost spit coffee out of my nose with that one! I've got to remember not to drink hot beverages while reading your blog!

  3. I have two boys, so I can relate. Aren't they fun?! ;-)

  4. I love boys. And cats :) My daughter really does dress up the cat like that. I have the photos to prove it!

  5. I'm trying to print the cat photo out. The kids will love it. (Cat is getting sweater for Christmas. I'm sure he'll be very excited).

  6. I have two boys, so I can relate. Aren't they fun?! ;-)


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