Thanksgiving 2009

Last year, I took my laptop to Atlanta for Thanksgiving dinner.

I knew I'd have at least 24 hours to write because I'd have family around to distract the Spider Monkey and the Doodlebug. I remember being pretty sure my in-laws were convinced I was crazy. I mean, who writes a book?


This year I'm in quite a different place as far as my writing goes. I'm thankful for every second. I'm thankful for my friends and family because they believe. I'm thankful for my made-of-awesome agent because she challenges me to be better. And I'm thankful - and hopeful - for whatever else this year brings.

I'm thankful for you, too, dear reader. Because if you're here, it means you're sharing the journey with me.

Happy Thanksgiving. I pray the richest blessings on your lives.

Now laugh a little, 'cause that's what we do here.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Myra! (I loved that show!!! Raymond is so funny!)

  2. My best friend made fun of me for watching Raymond.

  3. You made me tear up. That is so sweet! A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too!

  4. Kelly - I wish my life were as funny as the Barrones. I also wish I had Deborah's skill with a turkey.

    PMM - Your best friend needs a kick in the shins. Or at least a noogie.

    Heather - I know you feel what I'm saying, girl. We're in it together!

  5. Hi Myra! I liked the previous design better. This one is so glossy-looking it feels like it might slide off the screen. My favorite was the one with the flowers colored onto the fence.

    I play around with mine all the time, too. Right now it's really boring, but hopefully readable.

    Have a great Monday! (If that is possible).


  6. I love that Raymond episode!


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